Weekend Vibes & Oh That Monday! : #WordlessWednesday

Weekend Vibes & Oh That Monday! : #WordlessWednesday

“Always take some of the play, fun, freedom and wonder of the weekend into your week & your work”  Rasheed Ogunlaru



Sunshine on my shoulder, a very dear friend    Photo Credits: Aarshia, my ten-year-old



Got invited for an impromptu lunch plan with the neighbourhood girls, just when the sun was sinking down on me. Oh! what a pick me up. Fun, banter, dancing with two-left-feet and some lip-smacking Punjabi food.    Photo Credits: Aarshia, my ten-year-old




My weekend loot, from my favourite Bharisons book store. And guess what was in store for me right after? Scroll down.




Yesss!!! I finally met the author of The Forest of Enchantments, the one and only Chitra Devakaruni Banerjee, also the author of The Palace of Illusions, Oleander Girl and Mistress of Spices. Enchanted by her sweet, balanced, kind demeanour. Respect!




And I returned home to this lip-smacking supper. The Garlic-Celery-Peanut Prawns were a new recipe discovered by little Aarshia. Yes, she loves cooking like her grandmothers and father. And sometimes like her mother. Sigh! 



I met these long-lost lifelines of mine, this Monday. Not just another maniac Monday, but a magical one at that. Don’t miss the chaat (Indian sweet-savoury snacks) we are gorging on.




And I wrapped up the girlie catch up at the Fab cafe, Fab India with Kashmiri Kahwa, a herbal tea infused with spices. Utter bliss, I tell you! The jaggery-ragi biscoti was also delightful to say the least. I bought home a pack too. They go so well with my morning Chai (tea). 



Once the girls had left, I buried myself in work and a warm bodied latte. 


Weekend Vibes & Oh That Monday! : #WordlessWednesday

It’s been a long haul of challenges galore; rotten many months that refused to retreat. But if one were to open ones eyes and look closely, the blessings in life far precede the challenges. But only if one were to look closely, with eyes wide open (not shut).

So here’s looking back on a very lovely weekend and Monday that made me look at the challenges squarely in the eye and scream, “Try me!” Instead of the stereotypical, wallowing, self-pity cry of, “Why me?”

Well who doesn’t have challenges. We all do, but I guess when the mid-forties come knocking at your door, you realise you are coming to terms with being responsible not just for yourself and your brood, but your ageing parents and also friends whose parents are struggling and battling mammoth health issues. Yes, two of my closest friends parents have had a near death encounter. It ain’t an easy ride. Especially when you were never prepared for this. But something’s gotta give! Right?

Here’s how I redeemed myself up over the weekend and Monday, also; thanks to a band of bedazzling friends. And my days started looking brighter than my favourite sunny side up with avocado on toast.

And no way do I believe in Mo(a)n-days. It is Monday all the way. A time to get back to the action of the week – my writing work, as a content writer, home management and yes, how could I forget blogging. After all I take a break from all things screen over the weekends, mostly.

 I’m trying to figure a schedule so that I will seamlessly be able to fit in my content writing work, blogging and art; all in one day. I know it seems easier said than done, considering I am a work-from-home-“diva” (yes, my friends and family rechristened me with that tag), with two furry babies, and two girls, ten and twenty. But I’m working on a plan, and things should definitely fall in place sooner than soonest.

I know this is one wordy Wednesday post, but since I haven’t blogged as regularly as I have in the past, I’m bursting at the seams; waiting to be let loose. 

I hope you enjoy my weekend and Monday vibes, as much as I loved soaking in all their glory.

How has your weekend and week been so far? What and who moved your cheese? Would love to hear from you.

Till we meet next Wednesday. Happy Wordless Wednesday, amigos.






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Happy #WW.




17 thoughts on “Weekend Vibes & Oh That Monday! : #WordlessWednesday

  1. I loved the hearty smiles in all the photos you shared here, Natz. Spending time with our loved ones is a bliss, isn’t it?
    Don’t stress out about the writing and blogging works, when you are happy everything falls in place perfectly.
    I couldn’t join in #WW last week. I took the take it easy part a little too much last week. But already scheduled a photo for this week.

  2. Those are some super shots, Natasha! So good to meet friends and feel your spirits lift in no time!
    I too wish I could fit in my content writing, blogging and art in my packed schedule as a homemaker, a mother of three feathered babies and an aunt to a chatty 9 yo. Am so working up on a timetable, but some days, things don’t go as planned and all your plans come crashing down. Ah, but that’s life, isn;t it?

    WIsh you the best for your juggling act! 🙂

    1. Thanks dear Shilpa. In the process of getting my mojo back, and doing only that which I can. Nothing more, nothing less.

      🙂 I really am at awe of how you manage your stunning art, blogging and being mommies to your lovely babies. You do it so well. Kudos. <3

  3. There’s a warm and happy vibe to each and every picture of yours, Natasha. Loved the stories they are telling us. Wishing you lots of smiles and a great weekend. Cheers!

  4. Juggling so many roles is not easy. I’m sure you will find some time for things you love – blog and art!
    Take care, Natasha.

    BTW, I have joined you guys for #WW this week.

  5. I love your bright optimism, Natz! Looks like you were able to smother those Monday blues with a whole lot of laughter and smiles! And please share that prawn recipe – it looks and sounds delish!!

  6. Life throws challenges at every stage and by reading your post, I got a glimpse how life is bound to take a turn in the next decade for me. I get a better perspective of my issues prevailing at the moment. They are actually nothing but a figment of my over-thinking mind and it can be controlled. Your photos show a beaming you. This is also a gratitude post in many ways. You are a diva

  7. The Garlic-Celery-Peanut Prawns is a new recipe that I simply MUST try if only for the shrimp because I simply loves SHRIMP! Yummy!!! So you really have some great pictures and a detailed Post. I’m now following you & all your social networks! You look & sound like a fun kinda gal… so I shall be back to see if you keep up the good work. Not saying I like to be entertained, but I do. Not saying I think you might be boring in the future because I know you won’t be especially with these great recipes & photos. Thanks for sharing my new friend! Hugs

  8. Natasha,

    It looks like you had so much fun with your friends and family. That’s the way life is meant to be enjoyed, too. Have wonderful week and thank you for joining me on not-so-WW! 😉

  9. What a way to bring in Monday, my dear friend! I’m so glad you started the week on such a high and look at you, looking so happy enjoying those precious moments with the friends, the family, such lovely food, the wonderful reads, and that fantastic opportunity to meet the great CBD!!! I’m so so happy for you, dear Natasha! Wishing you oodles of positivity and energy and here’s wishing all those fabulous plans for writing and blogging all fall into place just the way you wish them to be! Have an exciting rest of the week and another fabulous weekend that sees you energised, recharged and all set for some more magic in the days to come. More power to you, dear girl! <3

  10. So wonderful to see all the happy faces. And wow you meet Chitra Devakaruni. Fabulous! My Kashmiri friends once served me Kehwa and since then I am fan. It is such a relaxing drink. I am one of those who don’t hate Mondays anymore. Infact I feel more excited and energetic to start a new week. Hopefully you will get your schedule all fixed up and we would get to read more of your wonderful posts

  11. Friends, food and family make for the best way to boo away that gloom. Top it with books and the day is made so are the memories!
    Look forward to your musings on regular basis, Natasha. When are you dishing them out?

  12. It sounds like you’ve had a fabulous few days and that some dark clouds have lifted for you. You’re joie de vivre shines through in the photos, Natasha! 🙂 And your daughter is a good photographer.

    Having gone through the anguish of caring for ageing parents,I know how stressful that is. All you can do is take one day at a time and deal with each crisis as calmly as possible.

    May the sunny days continue. All the best!

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