Breaking Dawn: #ThursdayTreeLove

Breaking Dawn: #ThursdayTreeLove

“Trees are earth’s endless efforts to speak to the listening heaven.” – Rabindranath Tagore

Breaking Dawn: #ThursdayTreeLove

On an early morning walk, last month in December, we stumbled upon this surreal tree, that stood out lazily; out-stretching its nimble limbs, embracing the dawn in a warm embrace.

The view was priceless to say the least. The tree seemed to be subtly communicating with the heavens above, alluring us with its charm on that cold winter morning.


Linking up with the beautiful Tree Lady, Parul, for #ThursdayTreeLove

10 thoughts on “Breaking Dawn: #ThursdayTreeLove

  1. Is it our writer souls who see and sense things which people generally tend to miss? It must be or it must be our spirituality which awakens with nature. Or else how can we all see and agree that this tree has certainly woke up at dawn and communicating with the heaven 🙂 Just an interesting thought, I had.

  2. Have you noticed how trees look different in the morning and then in the evening? This one is a gorgeous one and noticeable enough to get the attention. Happy to have you join this week, Natasha.

    1. Yes, absolutely. Love my morning walks and I usually start at 5:30 am. Walked through the winters despite the dipping mercury and I’m proud of it. touché
      How about you?

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