Three Down, More To Go: #Blogiversary #BlogAnniversary #AmWriting

Three Down, More To Go: #Blogiversary #BlogAnniversary #AmWriting

Yes, Just like that we are turning 3. And the title of this post was inspired by Priya Bajpai’s thrilling fiction, from my second year’s blogiversary.

Much like the previous two years, I’m kicking off the blogiversary celebrations with a bunch of guest posts on Fiction, Travel and Musings.

It’s been a fascinating three years.

  • Co-hosting #WordlessWednesday with Esha for 21 months now.
  • Blogging like a women possessed
  • The twists and turns of life, thrusting a forced hiatus upon me. Only to bounce back when duty beckoned.
  • Participating in A-Z challenge two years in a row, except this year. The end products were two lovely books. Travel Epiphanies and April Anecdotes.
  • Reading a bunch of fascinating bloggers from across the globe, who left behind a lesson or more, and made those gloomy days worthwhile. 
  • Meeting a bunch of wonderful bloggers worldwide.
  • Taking off to travel or reclaim those buzzing thoughts in my head, that didn’t find opportunity to spill into words.
  • 2019 did protend a dry spell with regards to blogging challenges. My participation was mostly nil, except for the #ZombieBlogHop with #WriteBravely on Six Months of 2019.
  • In 2019 experiences did take precedence over spilled words.

Have learned lessons every single day, from the  blogosphere. And those will continue to flow unhindered .


Ok, now without much ado here is the list of the erudite bloggers who have very kindly agreed to spare time from their busy schedules to grace NatashaMusing. Deeply indebted to them, and apologising to them for the silly faux pas last month, when I miscalculated the dates!!! Such is life on the other side of 47; or not!! ;-))

Please mark your calendars, and put your hands together for the my very talented friends who will be gracing NatashaMusing, the next six days.

Corinne Rodrigues of Everyday Gyaan                :  2 December, 2019; #MondayMusings

Tulika Singh   of Obsessive Mom                           :  3 December, 2019; #Musings

Robert Goldstein of Art By Rob Goldstein           :  4 December, 2019; #WordlessWednesday

Esha Mookherjee of My Soul Talks                         :  5 December, 2019; #Wanderlust/Travel

Keith Hillman of Keith’s Ramblings  :                     : 6 December, 2019; #Fiction

Damyanti Biswas of Daily (W)rites                            : 7 December, 2018; #Fiction 


The celebrations roll out from today!

2 December- 7 December 2019 (six days of myriad musings, art and writings).

Don’t forget to toast your toes with a warm cuppa, right here in our den, as these wonderful bloggers take you to a whole new world of experiences.

Happy Blogiversary week to you too, from NatashaMusing!




18 thoughts on “Three Down, More To Go: #Blogiversary #BlogAnniversary #AmWriting

  1. Congratulations! Three years in blog years is like…forever, right?

    Honestly, I’ve lost track. 1998 or 1999, on and off, more or less continually. I could not find remnants of that first blog, and I have a habit of blowing things up and starting over, every few years, just for fun. Starting 2020, now! Glad to welcome you as a “veteran blogger,” and not one of the billions who start a blog, only to realize in horror that they’ve no idea why and can’t stand to write! 🙂

    1. Thanks dear Holly.

      I used to have a blogspot blog way back in 2005, still have it.
      Wrote some random stuff their including poetry and then chose not to blog thereafter.
      In all honesty felt too vulnerable to put myself out to the world,.

      I didn’t even get down to migrating the posts to this one.
      Oh well!
      But here it is where the journey all began.

  2. Congratulations, Natasha, for your blogversary!
    It’s always been a pleasure reading your posts because I love your style of writing. I think I have told you some time back, and I might keep telling you again and again how I love the way you write.

    Keep writing and spreading smiles!

    1. Dear Shilpa. Its readers and friends like you who motivate me to keep the momentum strong and going ♥️

      Thanks so much. Have a lovely wrap up to 2019. Hugs xoxo

  3. Congratulations my darling Natz!! Three beautiful years of you spreading your love and joy among us!

    Cheers darling! Let us talk soon, I know it has been really long overdue!

  4. Heartiest Congratulations, dear Natasha, on your amazing blog turning three years old!

    And, what an exciting and incredible journey it has been! I say this because I love your style of writing. It’s soothing and beautiful and never rushed. It makes one slow down and feel every word and emotion that you so beautifully express. Not everyone can write like that. It’s a pleasure and an honour to be able to join you during this most exciting blogversary week!

    More power to your pen, my lovely friend!! I wish you many more anniversaries on this wonderful platform!!

    Much love and hugs,
    <3 <3 <3

    1. Thank you for your lyrically loving words Esha. Music to my ears. 🙂

      It’s friends and people like you whose immense faith in my writing makes me want to strive harder.

      And keep up with this little legacy I’m creating for myself and my children.

      Much love and hugs always xoxo

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