Sabr – Perseverance: #WordlessWednesday #WednesdayWisdom


(Arabic: صَبْرٌ‎, Perseverance or Persistence)


These Bitter gourds (called karela in Hindi) were harvested on Monday morning.

The planet continues to reels from the aftermath of the ongoing pandemic. While natures shows us how to constantly endure and bear the fruits of patience.

The 12 year-old called these bitter gourds, Mango Karelas as they are actually shaped like raw mangoes. Ha! Ha!

This little creeper endured a few storms, and now providing us its fruits of sabr/perseverance. Bitter, yet sweet “soulace”.

*Sabr is an Arabic word and one of the two parts of faith in Islam. It teaches one to remain spiritually steadfast and to keep doing good deeds in the personal and collective domain, specifically when facing opposition or encountering problems, setbacks, or unexpected and unwanted results. The second tenet is Sukr or gratitude

I also read somewhere that Sabr is trusting your inner strength, knowing that ease always follows difficulty; enduring the hardships and still being grateful. 

Fox Under the Moon- fox and moon art

Fox Under the Moon by Stacey

I am a fan of the art work, The Fox Under the Moon by Stacey. Her illustrations bring in a glimmer of hope. They keep the sabr intact in these troubled times; to endure with patience. Thank you Stacey for these pieces of art sketched with much love. <3

In these twisted times, I believe, returning to oneself is the biggest homecoming.

Last year the lockdowns lent people time to self-reflect, and discover their true selves. To value their homes and the abundance they provide. The comforting presence of family and loved ones who are looking out for them. Fresh, hot meals on the table. To live with loving kindness and gratitude (shukran in Arabic).

Despite the raging mayhem.

Here’s what I wrote in 2020.

Our Masked and Unmasked Existences: #MondayMusings #PandemicDiaries2020

In 2021, I am just grateful to be breathing, every single moment of the day. I sometimes pledge my breath to others who are gasping for theirs. Sometimes I choke on mine. Yet, I’m so grateful, to be alive. And breathing.

Let’s keep the sabr intact and hold our loved ones close.

This too shall pass.



Returning to oneself is the greatest homecoming. - Natasha Musing Click To Tweet

In the last blog hop I had shared the original version of “Love Song to the Earth”. Here’s a real cute version by our earth children, the future generation who will benefit from our efforts to love the planet more than we have before.


Love, light and laughter my amigos! <3 <3

Natasha Serenity Sinha 

(The 12 year-old believes this sounds better, than Natasha Peace Sinha) ;-))



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33 thoughts on “Sabr – Perseverance: #WordlessWednesday #WednesdayWisdom

  1. ah yes, this is beautifully written. Sometimes I share my breath too. Right now I am lending it to my very good friend (since middle school, and we’re both grandmas now). Her husband of many years just had a heart attack and we’re 1200 miles away from each other. She’s feeling it, and I’m feeling it for her. Just lending my breath as best I can for her to be able to breathe. God bless. xoxo

  2. Last week I think I was very upset. 🙂 I still am, but now my soul feels calmer.
    I like how it’s looks the bitter gourds (karela) 🙂

    I only wish you well, dear Natasha! Big, big hug! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
    It’s much better here (thank you for asking) – fewer and fewer people get sick. There are restrictions, but if I don’t turn on the TV, everything seems almost normal. I’m still shocked by the mask we have to wear – faceless people, without a smile… Is so sad…

  3. Natasha,

    What a lovely post! I enjoyed the whimsical illustrations of encouragement to keep pushing forward. I’m trying to find my way back to a normal blogging routine after April’s blogfest. It’s a struggle but I will get on track once again. Thanks for hosting, my friend. Be safe, be well! Sending hugs and love your way!!

  4. That was a very beautiful post, Natasha. So much Love and Peace in it ♥ Foxes are very wise, so are you…oh, and me too, of course *licks paw* …MOL… Sabr is very meaningful, we have to keep our spirits high, even in the darkest moments and always shine a light. Thank you for your uplifting words, my furriend and we added our postie too, so you can watch a movie with us 😉 Pawkisses for a Peaceful Week ahead 🙂 ♥
    Ps Granny’s pickles look like your bitter gourds…MOL MOL

  5. Those mangoes look amazing, the illustrations with the fox are very nice, and your urges to be persevering are worth following. Thank you!

    Have a nice day!

  6. How beautiful the children are! How pure is their soul!
    In the Christian faith, Jesus taught people to stay strong in their faith and to respond to evil with good… We try to live with loving kindness and gratitude. Is it enough to give (all) children a clean world, a good world, a world of loving people? There are so many – too many! – people who have no love for children either…
    Fortunately, this too shall pass. With what cost to people who do not have much money to be able to defend themselves and benefit from real care? I try to be optimistic (I think I am), but… I think this madness will be repeated… another disease/tragedy will follow.

    I’m grateful to be breathing! I am grateful that all my loved ones are well!
    Stay safe, dear Natasha Serenity Sinha, with all your dearest! ❤️
    Big hug!
    Love! Peace! Light!

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts my dear Diana. It’s the ying and yang of life. Hope you are doing well. Big hugs.

      Stay safe you too. How are things in Romania with regards to the pandemic.
      Love and light

  7. Who could ever have imagined at the beginning of 2020 what was to come and how long it would continue. It is like living in a nightmare. We had so many plans for the year but instead sheltered from early March. At least we are still here and safe. My heart hurts for all those who are faring so much worse than us.
    The fox illustrations are lovely, and also inspirational.
    Jackie’s Photo Blog. recently posted…Wordless Wednesday – The Parthenon.My Profile

    1. I do agree Jackie.
      We are blessed and as long as we have our dear ones by our side, we can just count all the wonderful blessings and live each day as though it were our last.

      Covid has taught us way too much!

  8. Beautifully expressed, Nat. Let’s keep the faith, the sabr, while giving a thousand shukran to the Almighty for all things that could have gone wrong, but didn’t. Sabr ka phal meetha hoga. Hang in there, Natasha Serenity Sinha!

    P.S. love the little bitter gourds!

  9. Thank you for this post and music, Natasha. It’s full of inspiration.
    Very complicated times. But I am not sure how ‘inspired’ we are to find the real truth
    around us. I think that the truth is mandatory to be revealed in order to continue our lives.
    I can not imagine how, but it’s a must!
    Happy WW! I hope you are well dear, friend! And have beautiful days ahead! <3

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