Ichi-go Ichi-e | One Time, One Meeting | Mujud Roz: #WordlessWednesday #WednesdayWisdom

Ichi-go Ichi-e | One Time, One Meeting | Mujud Roz: #WordlessWednesday #WednesdayWisdom

“Ichi-go ichi-e” (in Japanese) translates to treasuring the unrepeatable nature of a moment. The term has been translated as “for this time only”, and “once in a lifetime”.

“Mujud Roz” is a Kashmiri blessing and benediction that translates to (always) be in the present. It’s a reminder that life manifests in the here and now and to relish the present moment, as it passes in the blink of an eye. 



Dal lake- sunset
Sunset at the surreal Dal lake, Srinagar, Kashmir. Jannat personified (Arabic: جنّة‎ Jannah; plural: Jannat, is paradise or a garden of heaven)


Dal Lake- Shikaras
The Shikaras at Dal lake – Hues of unity. Shikaras are wooden boats found on Dal Lake and other water bodies of Srinagar in Jammu and Kashmir, India. A usual shikara seats five to six people, with the driver paddling at the rear. They are a cultural symbol of Kashmir, much like the Venetian Gondolas. 


Boat man- Shikara
I loved the expression of Suleman Bhai. He must be easily in his late 60s or 70s, but the agility and calmness with which he ferried us around was remarkable. A true epitome of Mujud Roz or Ichie-go-Ichi-e.


Story-teller - Audience
Nilima, our leader for this Interfaith Peace pilgrimage that by-passed the boundaries of faith, in a passionate story-telling session on Lal Dedh or Laleshwari who was a mystic of the Kashmir Shaivism school of philosophy. Lal Dedh created the mystic style of poetry called Vakhs. Notice the rapt audience who don’t know a word of English, yet intrigued by Nilima’s story-telling style. (They were just visitors to the shrine we were at, and they just casually joined our group of pilgrims). The delicate girl wearing a pink outfit, sitting next to Nilima is a student who knows very little English, but a keen listener for sure. The beauty of Mujud Roz at play again. 


Lady loving- mountain dog-Patthar Sahib
The not-so-homeless furry wonders braving the icy cold winds at the revered, Patthar Sahib enroute Ladakh. One time, one meeting ~ Ichi-go- Ichi-e


Ichi-go Ichi-e | One Time, One Meeting | Mujud Roz



Many of you know about the Interfaith Himalayan Pilgrimage I undertook on my birthday month. I have returned armed with mystical experiences and simple, yet divine awakenings and learnings.

One of the many that’s stayed with me is: Mujod Roz or Ichie-go Ichi-e!

It’s synchronous that I was carrying the book, Ichie-go Ichi-e by the authors of Ikigai, Hector Garcia and Francesc Miralles. I managed to read just a few pages of the book during the ten-day pilgrimage. But I totally believe that books are energy beings, and when you keep them with you they leave an imprint, whether you read them or not. 

I totally believe that books are energy beings, and when you keep them with you they leave an imprint, whether you read them or not.  Click To Tweet

Travel Epiphanies

Our first stop was Srinagar in Kashmir, and the pictures above are from this pristine jannat (paradise) on earth.

This post is dedicated to the strife ridden land of Kashmir, where despite the disharmony that we so often hear of;  exists deep pools of perseverance, harmony and loving presence. 

The last image is at Patthar Sahib Gurudwara (a revered site of Guru Nanak’s rainbow body experience) in the periphery of Leh, in Ladakh. 

After spending a day at the dreamy Dal lake on a house boat, we travelled to the picturesque Pahalgam to visit Lal Dedh’s shrine and grand ruins of deep historical significance. 

Mujud Roz ~ May You be Present in the Now

After an evening stint at Pahalgam, we returned to Srinagar to experience the divine bliss of Mujud Roz, as we parked ourselves at the World Unity Centre, the blessed home of our wonderful hosts, Bharat Wakhlu and Arun Wakhlu.

Both of them and their beautiful families have left an indelible imprint of the Kashmiri term, Mujud Roz, deep into my being. They not just introduced it to us but, proudly embody shiny chinks in their armour of being.

The Wakhlu family is incredible and theirs is a story of grit, courage, fearlessness and camaraderie which I leave for another day. I am grateful to Bharat Wakhlu who remarkably manages the World Unity Centre for sharing parts of the quote in the header. 

Early this evening, I was having an insightful conversation with Arun Wakhlu. I discovered the term has two deep, meaningful layers.

In Arun’s words, Mujud Roz is commonly bestowed as a blessing by elders as: May you be blessed with a long life; may you last long. The second deeper meaning which weaves in with the first is: May you be present in the now, because when you are in the present you are timeless; there is no past, no future and you literally become eternal.”

“Most of the dysfunctionality and suffering in life comes from not being present in the moment. That’s why this is a very profound blessing, as it’s a reminder to wake up to life, to wake up to the now because that is where life is happening. That’s where the zone of experiences and expressions lie.” says Arun with his compassionate voice of strength. 

Currently many of us, especially those living urban lives have given in to the fast pace of mostly doing, and not being. That’s where Mujud Roz and Ichie-go Ichi-e come up as a blessed reminder. 

I hope you enjoyed this jewel I carried back from Kashmir, while carrying the Japanese jewel of Ichigo Ichie from the urban book store, for this Interfaith Pilgrimage. 🙂

There are more stories I wish to share in the days to come, so watch out for this space.

I sign off by sharing two lovely songs by Pragnya Wakhlu, Arun’s very talented daughter who heals with her soulful voice and music. 


Divine love, light and laughter.

Mujud Roz,


(Infinite gratitude for gracing this space and leaving your imprints.)






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19 thoughts on “Ichi-go Ichi-e | One Time, One Meeting | Mujud Roz: #WordlessWednesday #WednesdayWisdom

  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful pilgrimage. Even with the conflicts, it looks like a very beautiful corner of the world. Thanks for sharing the photos and the words of wisdom you received 🙂

  2. Thank you for the (timely) reminder, Natasha, to live in the here and the now! It’s a blessing most needed in today’s world, where most of us are either ruing about the past or fretting about our future.
    Loved the pictures, esp the one with the furry baby! 🙂

  3. We hear thoughts like this too little in the Western World. Wonderful and thank you. I try to live in the moment and when you do you are inspired by the grandeur of life

  4. Thank you for all the ideas from your post.
    The present moment it’s a fact and a concept. Sometimes I feel that is more complicated than I want to think. But if we understand it and practice it in a mental way, we grow somehow. And this is very important.
    Beautiful images, dear Natasha!
    Happy WW and a fine week!
    Suzana recently posted…Introduce Yourself (Example Post)My Profile

    1. Keith, you must visit Kashmir when things get better. I know for sure you will love it, and then you could head out to Ladakh for experiences mystical and adventurous.

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