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#FridayFotoFiction : Unrequited

#FRIDAYfotofiction #week 10 UNREQUITED       The mist rolling tea gardens always transported Arpita to another world. A world, where there were no worries, just gaiety, playful abandon, enveloped in the love of Ma-Baba, Aboni Kaka and Junmoi Didi who managed the sprawling estate home with perfection. The gardens were a family heirloom, nurtured over decades.… Read More #FridayFotoFiction : Unrequited

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#FridayFotoFiction: Freedom

#Fridayfotofiction: #week 9 freedom The unabated snow wasn’t making it any easier. We had migrated to a warmer climate.  Here the woods were dark and dense. A thicket of flora covered the forest. The sun barely pierced it’s way through. But it felt safer and cosier. We thought we were sorted for this winter. Little did… Read More #FridayFotoFiction: Freedom

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7 Things About Nature that Makes You Thankful #ThankfulThursdays

Post Alert: Slightly longish post. My love for nature had me pouring out to my heart’s content. But I do promise, that you will not regret reading this piece.   I pen these words sitting in the luxurious lap of nature. We are blessed to be living in a condominium which has sprawling lush lawns… Read More 7 Things About Nature that Makes You Thankful #ThankfulThursdays

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10 Day ‘You’ Challenge : 7 Wants

  #ALLABOUTME #BLOGCHALLENGE 7 WANTS Travel the world and explore fascinating places and have memorable adventures while doing so. On my bucket list are to visit the Northern Lights, the Amazon forests, Spain, Galapagos islands, Arusha in Tanzania, Leh-Ladakh to name just a few. To be a certified Scuba diver and to get innumerable opportunities… Read More 10 Day ‘You’ Challenge : 7 Wants

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When in God’s Own Country: Part 2

Kerela was proving to be more mystical, more magical than anticipated. We were enamoured by the riot of colours, the lush, verdant nature, the innumerable species of birds and insects, and the fresh crispy air that we inhaled. The DH and I love waking up early even on vacations. We feel the beauty of these… Read More When in God’s Own Country: Part 2


Sepia Tinted Winters?

I abhorred winters. The idea of cold, dark, dreary, foggy days made me wince. My Bengali genes couldn’t handle the cold North Indian winters, despite having spent most of my life in this belt, along with a small stint at New Castle Upon Tyne where it snowed heavily. The onset of winters inundated a sense… Read More Sepia Tinted Winters?

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A Lesson from Nature

This morning as I walked back from pilate class I was greeted by my favourite flowers- Shiuli/Harsingaar/Night Jasmine. Each year they arrive precisely around the time autumn begins to set in and disappear with the onset of winters. So they are our fleeting guests for a month and a half. But it goes without saying… Read More A Lesson from Nature


Super Moon

  The receding Super Moon wants to hang around like a petulant lover, While the pigeons and morning sky beckon it to return home. 16 November, 2016