#FridayFotoFiction : Unrequited

#FridayFotoFiction : Unrequited

#FRIDAYfotofiction #week 10





The mist rolling tea gardens always transported Arpita to another world. A world, where there were no worries, just gaiety, playful abandon, enveloped in the love of Ma-Baba, Aboni Kaka and Junmoi Didi who managed the sprawling estate home with perfection. The gardens were a family heirloom, nurtured over decades.

Ma-Baba were no more. She had moved overseas with her Dutch husband and had just returned to sell the glorious property. Arpita bid a tearful adieu to the staff and as she stood looking at the gardens poignantly, her heart welled with deep gratitude and unrequited love.


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