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Six Months into 2019 and I…: #WordlessWednesday #ZombieBlogHop

…lost and gained some     Lost my precious furry child, Cotton; but gained a bundle of  love and sharp energy, in Mishka.   Lost weight as the winters wrapped into spring, but gained weight in summers. Thanks to fresh, delicious home cooked meals, and my love for sweets. My winter metabolism leans towards losing… Read More Six Months into 2019 and I…: #WordlessWednesday #ZombieBlogHop

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Twenty-Four By Seven: #WriteBravely

Twenty-four by seven: #WriteBravely #WRITETRIBEFESTIVALOFWORDSJUNE2018   She toiled twenty-four by seven at Donna’s kitchen. “No rest for the wicked”, she always said with a winsome smile. Donna’s Kitchen was her life line, her haven and her home away from home. She had no family to call her own, but the staff and Donna were family… Read More Twenty-Four By Seven: #WriteBravely

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Thank You, Babi: #WriteBravely

Thank You, Babi: #WRITEBRAVELY #WRITETRIBEFESTIVALOFWORDSJUNE2018   My Dearest Babi, I dedicate a few lines to you, on this monsoon day. The sun is playing a constant game of hide and seek, while the clouds outstretch their arms in a stoic cover of grey. The muggy air looks on undeterred as nature performs a spectacle of sorts.… Read More Thank You, Babi: #WriteBravely

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Rain and Its After Effects: #WriteBravely

Rain and Its After Effects: #Writebravely #writetribefestivalofwordSjune2018   It poured all of last night. The rains finally lashed Gurgaon with unfettered fury, giving the parched residents of our millennial city a much-needed respite from the sweltering summers. I was awake beyond midnight, listening to the rhythmic pitter patter of the rains, which would suddenly rise up… Read More Rain and Its After Effects: #WriteBravely

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Last Song of the Dusk: #WriteBravely

Last Song of the Dusk: #WriteBRAVELY #WRITETRIBEFESTIVALOFWORDSJUNE2018   At twenty-one who would have known that leukaemia would ravage Antara’s being, reducing her to a bag of bones.  It was hard to fathom that the bubbly, effervescent Antara, always brimming with joie de vivre; was now counting her last days. But not without a plan at… Read More Last Song of the Dusk: #WriteBravely

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I Want to Break Free: #WriteBravely

I want to break free: #WriteBravely #WRitetribefestivalofwords2018   My girlfriends and I are road tripping from Madras to Pondicherry. It’s just the three of us. I am at the steering wheel of a feisty green Ford Figo, manoeuvring my way through the lush, bountiful landscapes, blasting music on the stereo. We are singing off tune… Read More I Want to Break Free: #WriteBravely

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Gifted: #WriteTribeFestivalOfWordsJune2018 #WriteBravely

GIFTED Rob and the woods had an inexplicable connection. He found his inner peace amidst the deep, dark woods. And walking through them at dusk gave him more pleasure than a Zinger burger would give a youth his age.  That particular evening as Rob walked past the huge oak tree, he heard a soft wailing… Read More Gifted: #WriteTribeFestivalOfWordsJune2018 #WriteBravely

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{Z} is for Zen Thoughts: #AtoZChallenge

{Z} is for Zen THOUGHTs Do you carry zen thoughts or zen people in your life? I am fortunate to be surrounded by quite a few zen beings. Isn’t that one-of-it’s kind blessing to have? Therefore, zen thoughts come blowing my way more often than not. Sometimes in the form of a statement here and… Read More {Z} is for Zen Thoughts: #AtoZChallenge

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{X} is for Xenia, The Flower Girl: #AtoZChallenge

{X} is for Xenia, The Flower Girl Xenia, the flower girl lives on a hillock, by the lush, bountiful Swiss countryside with her family; a hard-working husband, Zeus and two-year-old twins, Daisy and Daffodil. Her home is brimming with hospitality. Every weary traveller or passer-by is welcome, to stop by for a simple, warm meal, cooked with… Read More {X} is for Xenia, The Flower Girl: #AtoZChallenge

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{W} is for We Are the World: #AtoZChallenge

{W} is for We Are the World “In 1985, the music industry and the world came together in an unprecedented outpouring of generosity in response to the tragic famine wreaking havoc in Africa at the time. The biggest names in music ‘checked their egos at the door’ to create what was and still is a… Read More {W} is for We Are the World: #AtoZChallenge