#ThursdayTreeLove 15: Towering Treasures

        These palms are ancient, and as beautiful as can be. They are lined across the drive-way of the Vice-Chancellor's abode in Pantnagar University. When the sun sets across the horizon, they seem to gleefully spread their stunning fronds and bid it a joyous adieu; till they meet again next morning. A … Continue reading #ThursdayTreeLove 15: Towering Treasures

#ThursdayTreeLove14: Boulevard of Dreams

We drove down these boulevard of beautiful trees, last month. These trees have been my travel companions ever since I was a child, as I have crossed them multiple times    But this particular homecoming happened after many, many decades. Lined on both sides of the road, these trees are ancient and are on the way to … Continue reading #ThursdayTreeLove14: Boulevard of Dreams

#ThursdayTreeLove 13: Home is Where the Heart Is

  When the country roads took me home, Ms. Amaltas came calling into my heart.         The house in the backdrop used to be my home when I was all of 7. It now stands partly camouflaged by the my old friend, Ms. Amaltas who has grown into a stunning beauty, ever since. On a … Continue reading #ThursdayTreeLove 13: Home is Where the Heart Is


#ThursdayTreeLove 12: Different Strokes

  "Trees are the poems that the earth writes upon the sky." - Khalil Gibran         This august Pine tree was our four-day companion on a recent trip to the mountains. It stood tall, towering between the mountains; a few yards away from our cottage, beguiling us with its bushy needles that looked like … Continue reading #ThursdayTreeLove 12: Different Strokes