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Stand Tall, Like A Tree: #ThursdayTreeLove

“I think that I shall never see a poem lovely as a tree.”

 – Joyce Kilmer



Stand Tall, Like A Tree: #ThursdayTreeLove


7 August, 2018, 6:20 P.M.

I chanced upon this grandiose tree, on a fascinating evening walk with my DH, around the stunning hills of the Balur Coffee Plantation, Chikmagalur, Southern India.

My guess is this ancient, towering tree is more than a few hundred years old. The gnarled trunks  stood bifurcated, as though holding each other in a warm embrace. Such a feast to the eyes!

Enchanted by this fascinating sight and by the leaves and the branches that glistened against the setting sun, I let my camera roll.




Note: Parul, I had captured this tree for your lovely prompt almost five months ago, and I’m glad I finally got a chance to share it. Though I wish I knew which tree this was, so I could have shared a few facts about it as well. 


Linking up with our lovely, warm-hearted, tree lady, Parul Thakur for her forthrightly linky #ThursdayTreeLove





14 thoughts on “Stand Tall, Like A Tree: #ThursdayTreeLove

  1. What a magnificent specimen of tree that is. I can imagine being dwarfed by its beauty and grandeur. And it must have been lovely to walk through a forest of such trees! Thanks for sharing this photo. It make my armchair travel more fun.

  2. Whenever I see a tree anywhere, I think of Parul and TTL and in most cases end up capturing them. I see I am not the only one who does that you also do the same 😀 This is a beautiful capture.

    1. Greenery has a way of surrounding us with a sense of serenity and calm.

      Especially one that is all encompassing and towering.

      I’m so glad despite the freezing winters there is still traces of greenery left around us.

      Thank you for leaving your imprints, Alana. Happy Holidays and a Merry Yule. 🙂

  3. Super happy to have you join. You know, I believe in doing vs never doing. So it’s never late on my end. That tree is beautiful and you are right – grand and tall. Chikmangalur has some beautiful natural setting. Though I have not been there yet, the pictures tell a tale.
    Thank you for linking up! Have a happy holiday season!

  4. Beautiful tree, Natz! Bangalore has many of these old trees in the older parts of the city and they are a treat for any tree lover! This one is an amazing capture! Grandiose indeed!! Your post served as a beautiful reminder for me to join in for this week’s #TTL. I have something rather sad to share this week for the prompt.

  5. Such a majestic tree! The wonders of mother nature never cease. Except for the evergreens, the trees here are bare this time of year, which makes for a desolate landscape. Your lovely photos are mood-lifting!

  6. As you said, Natasha, a grandiose tree! What a walk it must have been! I love looking at trees when they are tall, thick (banyan trees in particular) and old. Just the other day while visiting my daughter’s school, I saw a tall, tall tree of simbal cotton, I was told by my daughter in a very pert manner – this tree is nearly 200 years old, mama. Can you imagine such an old tree in a school’s compound?

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