Bloom Where You are Planted: #WordlessWednesday #WednesdayWisdom

Bloom Where You are Planted: #WordlessWednesday #WednesdayWisdom

“When the risk it took to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

– Anais Nin


Passion flower
My heart sang with joy when I saw the first bloom of our Passion flower (Passiflora incarnata) vine, a plant we had carefully tended to and saved from the hot summers and cold winters. I had never seen a Passion flower grow in our region before, and I am so grateful to the nursery where I brought it from last year. Each time it rains, one bloom appears nodding its head. 


Meet Feroze, our new visitor who is homing with us these days.
He’s a Gaudy grasshopper. (I’m guessing, any other inputs are welcome) Native to Madagascar I’m told.



Bloom, bloom, bloom, Where you’re planted.You will find your way.
Bloom, bloom, bloom …
You will have your day.

 Look at the flowers, look at them growing:

They never worry, they never work;Yet look at the way our Father clothes them.

Each with a beauty all of its own.

 Some plant the seeds that others will water,
but in all things God gives the growth,
 come, let Him garden the flowers with in you. Come and Discover some you’ve never known.

Look at the love that lies deep within you
. Let yourself be! Let  yourself  be!

Look at the gifts you have been given. Let them go free ! Let them go free !

Deep gratitude to my dear friend, Moonmoon Chowdhury for sharing this hopeful hymn from SimplyManjari’s blog.

Meanwhile, I just found this link on how to grow and take care of a passion flower plant. You may find it useful too. 

Isn’t it incredible how these two species are homing so wonderfully here with us. 

Can you guess which plant leaves are those? The ones in which the grasshopper is chilling? 🙂

Have a good week all of you. Stay safe and be well.

Love, Light and Laughter!







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56 thoughts on “Bloom Where You are Planted: #WordlessWednesday #WednesdayWisdom

  1. Such a nice hymn…. thanks for sharing. Have a weekend blessed by Mother Nature Natasha.

  2. Your terrace is full of beautiful colors. What pretty blooms. I love these “Krishna Kamal” flowers and I wish I did not have space constraint to add this beautiful creeper. The “painted or rainbow grasshopper” is all over SM. I had seen it for the first time last year in the monsoon and had sat all night hunting its name 🙂

    Sharing an interesting trivia on the passion flower, popularly known as Krishna Kamal in India, which I had heard long time back when I first saw the flower. One can find Mahabharata in the flower and how:
    There are about 100 blue petals – one for each of the Kauravas
    5 of the yellow ones in the center – one for each of the Pandavas
    The green bulb in the center symbolizes Draupadi, the queen of Pandavas
    The three filaments are for the holy trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesha
    The radial in the center is the Sudarshan chakra of Lord Krishna

    1. Can’t tell you how grateful I am to you for identifying the species for us.

      He loves our Papaya tree pot. I jokingly tell my DH he is guarding himself from Dengue.

      Thank you for sharing the historical relevance of the Krishna Kamal.
      In fact I read another interesting mythological story.
      Here’s what I found online:

      The passion flower’s individual features were found to be symbolic of the crucifixion of Christ, or as known in biblical history, the Passion of the Christ. The flower has spikes protruding from the center, symbolizing the crown of thorns. There are 10 petals, for the 10 faithful apostles.

      Fascinating how our cultures are a medley of stories that are intertwined.

      Have a wonderful Wednesday Monika and do look forward to your post this week.
      Stay safe. Stay well.

    1. Hello Villroses
      Thanks for visiting us.
      And for asking about the leaves.

      These are papaya leaves very high in nutrition too. They are used to increase the blood platelets.
      And as we all know the papaya fruit is packed with goodness and taste.
      Good to see you on #WW

    1. So wonderful to see you here Rob. It’s been a while. Hope you have been taking good care.

      Stay well. Stay safe. And fortunately good times ahead for America. Amen for Joe Biden

  3. HEY BABY GIRL, I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!! hahahaha Did ya miss me? How are you? Fine I hope! So, what’s new & exciting??? That purple flower is absolutely beautiful. I have never seen anything like that ever! As far as bugs…… YUK!!!!! Me & bugs we just don’t get along! How have you been? Fine I hope. I love the pictures you always post. Today I posted a picture of myself when we went to Universal Studios in Florida on our honeymoon, but girlfriend that was like 18 yrs. ago… OUCH! We had so much fun there I really want to back, but I’m not as young as I use to be ya know what I mean… but it would be nice. It’s terribly expensive. I’m sure it’s closed down for now with the Covid junk! Guess what? My youngest daughter (she’s a nurse) is coming in to visit me this weekend! WOO HOO! I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited! See now if you were here we could all party together and dance and go out for PIZZAAAAAAAA!! WOO HOO! GIRLFRIEND, please dearest friend, please be safe and stay healthy! Until next time I want to be your favorite hello and your hardest good-bye! HUGS

    1. Memories are what we all hold on too when the times are tough. That must have been a fun trip.

      Daughter’s visit sounds fun. We also met family after almost 6 months over the weekend and it felt so reassuring.

      Yes staying safe and you do the same too dear Marie.
      Good to see your bubbly messages.

    1. Painted grasshopper as pointed out by one of our #WW participants, Monika.
      Have a week of endearing smiles Trent, and small things to be grateful for.

    1. Neither had I till I saw these Vero. ♥️
      So grateful to the nursery gardner, Anil for recommending this plant to me. These blooms rarely grow in North India, but the lockdown has created a conducive environment for them to even bloom here.

      Fingers crossed that it survives in the coming months too
      Happy Weds sweetheart.

  4. Lovely passionflower. It is the favorite food for the caterpillars of our Florida State Butterfly, the Zebra heliconian, as well as the Gulf Fritillary. Butterfly lovers sacrifice them to these beauties. That is a handsome hopper!

    1. Wow Ken, that is something.
      Hadn’t heard of the two species. Just looked them up. lovely!

      I can imagine the butterflies and caterpillars flocking up to them. The fragrance is so very intoxicating.

      Yes, he is a Gaudy grasshopper, so I’m guessing based on my google search. I’m still to identify the species. I’m hoping some of my wildlife friends can help.

    1. Yes, it’s a blessing. I have a few more lovely frames too. The one from today was something!
      You would love the hopper too, Keith.
      He is one calm guy, resting it out on one of our plants.

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