10 Day “You” Challenge: 6 Places

10 Day “You” Challenge: 6 Places


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6 Places


  1. Any place by the Sea or Ocean or a place surrounded by nature, water bodies, flora and fauna
  2. Bombay: Have a certain connect with this city which has so much character, hope, feelings and life. Though I have never lived here.
  3. Home: Our terrace with the garden chairs and surrounding greens. Also the sunny balcony by Arusha’s room, and her room with her beautiful wall art.
  4. My newly acquired web page, http://natashamusing.com
  5. In the company and hearts of my Darling Hubby and girls-both furry and human and my best friend, Ritika.
  6. At my favourite cafes like Madison & Pike, Cest La Vie. Di Ghent, Roots Cafe with a book or my writings.



The one off Board I designed for Madison & Pike





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