#BookSlutThursday: Week 3: I Love it!!!

#BookSlutThursday: Week 3: I Love it!!!

#Bookslutthursday: week #3


I’m reading all the above including a Kindle copy of Karan Johar’s Unsuitable Boy. I’m glad I have started the year on a “reading” note. Yes, I used to be a voracious reader, but the last few years my reading habits took a heavy backseat and got mostly restricted to books on Spirituality or a one-off book here and there. I have spent countless days bemoaning the same. I detested the fact that I wasn’t reading enough. And would always guilt trip myself. I attribute social media for taking over my life to a great extent and partly as a mommy who juggled between parenting two girls, now 8 and 18. The 18-year-old left for college last year. I have more time and I have chosen to inculcate the habit of reading post lunch every day, and sometimes before I go to bed. I am using social media more constructively now, mostly for my writing. So I’m pretty gung-ho about the fact that I’m getting back to my old passion of reading.  Hallelujah!!!!!! 

On that note, it’s a absolutely wonderful that Shalini has given us an opportunity to participate in this wonderful prompt. So here’s my little take on it:

@@ Rumi: A New Translation, By Farrukh Dhondy : This is an exquisite collection of poems by the great spiritual master and Sufi poet, Jalaluddin Rumi. Rumi’s writings are soul-stirring and carry me to a world of realisation, hope, love and joy. I picked this book last year from a stall at the India Habitat Centre Film Festival. Quoting from one of his pieces,


I am the dust that dances in the light, I am the sun that chases out the night

I bid the particles of dust to stay, I beg the sun, “Continue on your way!”

@@ The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad by Twinkle Khanna: I’m almost done reading this collection of short stories. The former actress has a way with words for sure, and post her début novel, “Mrs. Funny Bones” this a decent attempt at trying her hand on a new genre. Though I wish the stories were a little more engaging. The themes are well-chosen, but the stories lack a certain punch. Is that why I’ve still not gone back to reading the last one?

@@The Spy by Paulo Coehlo: This is an intriguing saga of the legendary Mata Hari whose tales I had heard of in the passing, as a kid. I haven’t been very impressed by Coelho’s last few books. But this one has proved to be engaging. Mata Hari was an exotic Dutch dancer and courtesan who was convicted of being a spy for Germany during World War I and executed by firing squad in France. This is a riveting autobiographical account through a fictionalised letter penned by Mata Hari to her lawyer. A one time read for sure. An excerpt:

“Memory is a river, one that always runs back. Memories are full of caprice, where images of things we’ve experienced are still capable of suffocating us through one small detail of insignificant sound.”

@@The Value Creation: This is a monthly Soka Gakkai Buddhism magazine that I subscribe to. It has some incredible passages from the Gosho, a compilation of letters written by the great sage Nichiren Daishonin in the 1200s, along with victories of members who have been diligently following this beautiful philosophy of life. This magazine shows the path to living a happier, contented life and is my daily dose of positivity and strength. 

@@The Unsuitable Boy by Karan Johar: I have always been a Karan Johar fan. I love his spunk, his attitude and his spirit to live life on his own terms. Thus I had to grab my copy of his autobiography. It’s an interesting read especially the first half where he talks about how he overcame his weight issues while growing up and other insecurities to eventually become the person he is today . Yes, Karan Johar has come a long way I must say, and he has worked his way through it. He was able to build an empire for his father’s diminishing dreams. But I have a few issues with the book. The narrative seems as though Karan is writing his diary, and sounds mostly like a ramble and rant at places. The editors did not do a good job at all here. Karan I believe is a very articulate man, and has a way with words. If you all have watched Koffee with Karan you will  know what I mean. So this lag is tad unexpected. After a while, the book loses its steam, just like his current movies. The focus moves to his films, too much gossip and SRK. I wish the title wasn’t an Unsuitable Boy. Is he trying to still say he is still “unsuitable”, and insecure in his skin despite making a mark in the Indian film industry. Albeit, I continue to be his fan. :-))

@@The Out-of-the-box bookmark: This was gifted to me by my dear friend and senior from school, Shalini Chowdary whose husband designs these for his company Mukul Goyal Creations. I love it! It gives my reading a quirky mojo.

@@The Colourful Owl: I love owls, and I bought this one when I lived in the sunny island, Singapura. It’s so precious to me, and sits mostly by my bedside. My good luck charm you could say.

@@The Coffee Mug: It was gifted to me by my bestie, Ritika on one of my birthdays. This was when we had just met, almost 8 years back. Thereafter we went on to spend a lot of time bonding over coffee and conversations and the friendship is tied in a ribbon of eternal love. 

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5 thoughts on “#BookSlutThursday: Week 3: I Love it!!!

  1. I’d say that it’s definitely worth a read. Each story comes with a brand new thought that is bold and impactful. It is also, as I mentioned, an easy read. You can read it within a couple of hours, provided you have nothing else to do! So, if you’re looking for a light and easy read that is not chick lit, The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad is a great choice.

  2. Wow! Thanks fir participating Natz… love your selection and such a small world. You know Shalini n Mukul- he n me are related……and we cross paths for work too.
    Pls post on insta as well n tag three friends pls…

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