My Vices are Nice: #ThankfulThursday

My Vices are Nice: #ThankfulThursday


5 vices I’m thankful for: #thankfulthursday


my vices are nice, Ahem!

This is quite an out-of-the-box prompt. Who would think that vices could be nice too? And that we could be actually thankful fo them. Well, who else, but none other than the creative, spunky ladies at #ThankfulThursday. If I’m allowed to say so, I’d like to say this is a really quirky, dapper prompt. Thank you, lovely ladies, Amrita, Mayuri, Deepa and Tina for today’s prompt.

All this while I have known some of my vices are pretty nice, and I have not begrudged them. Rather I have welcomed them like a partner in crime, an amigo who makes those vices the person who I am, and who adds nuances of grey here and there to my personality. I’m a Virgo-Leo cusp. So I tend to lean towards the perfectionist traits of a Virgo, yet the Leo in me chimes in by saying, “Keep those vices rolling.”

So here are my Five “Nice Vices”

@@ Love for Food: I’m a foodie to the core. Wonder if it has something to do with my Bengali genes. We walk food, we talk food, we sleep food, we live food, we dance food and of course we thrive on eating food. Most would say its a vice. Yes, it comes in the way of all the sweat I burn trying to stay fit. But then what the heck, I get to experiment with so many kinds of cusine. I love trying everything, and please don’t fall off your chair if I tell you I have tried bamboo worms, frogs, grasshoppers, snails etc to name just a few. I have been fascinated by Andrew Zimmern of Bizzare Foods on the Travel and Living channel. Well, in a nutshell I think it’s a good thing to enjoy food of all kinds. Food can be such a source of joy, bliss and contentment.  It brings people together, including the family and even though too much of it can prove to be a vice, it’s goodness precedes everything else.

@@ Love to Sleep: I love sleeping. My DH makes a jab at me often and calls me lazy. Too much sleep is a vice yes. Yogis say 3-4 hours of sleep are enough for us, whereas scientists reiterate on the 8-9 hours. The paradox is that I need 8-9 hours to function, sans which I am crabby, non-functional and unproductive. I’m at the peak of my performance when I have had my  9-10 hours of rejuvenating beauty sleep. Some would say, if I were to sleep less, I would have more time to do other things. I’d say I’ll do less and do them well. And no won’t give up on my sleep for anything. I used to fall asleep at parties, at some point of time in my life too!

@@Borderline OCD: Yes, I have borderline Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, to the extent that if a picture on the wall is slightly crooked, I will get up in the midst of a Yoga class to fix it. I like my home to be spick and span. So much so that I can’t stand any form of disorderliness at all. Thankfully I have a help who I have trained in the past few years to keep the home tidy all the time. Not that I don’t put in my two cents worth here and there! It gives me a  sense of calm to see a neat, clean, spick and span home. I fix my closets myself and I like to see them organised at all times. When they aren’t, I feel pretty much messed up in my head myself. And once I’ve organised them, it’s like catharsis to my soul. 

@@Good Social Skills: Well, you must be wondering Oh! Blimey! how is that a vice now? Well, you see when I step out of home with the DH or any other friend I end up bumping into so many people I know. So, my friend or DH feel pretty much left out at that point of time. The acquaintance comes up and starts a conversation. And as I’m busy exchanging notes with them, despite having introduced my companion; they do tend to feel left out. They later tell me all exasperated, “You and your social circle.” Honestly, I’m not a social butterfly or anything. I’m quite an ambivert who loves people, but at the same time guards her precious space and time. But the conclusion here is I love the fact that I have good social and networking skills. I know a lot of people who have come to become good friends and have stood by me when in difficult times or have just been my support network.

@@Social Media Addiction: It all started with the Ryze business network which woke up the dormant writer within me and I started writing thanks to Caferati, Shakespeare and Company and other Writer networks.  This was in the early 2000s. Then came Facebook, Twitter and the rest. I stuck to Facebook all this while and continued to write on the Facebook notes. I re-connected with long-lost friends on Facebook too. I thought I didn’t have the bandwidth or time to mark my presence on Twitter or Instagram, so I stayed away from them despite having a handle there. More recently, thanks to Mayuri, I was introduced to a bunch of bloggers on Twitter and shown the way to the world of blogging, something which I had been putting off for later. And here I am hooked to social media as I cross-post all my blog pieces there, and get feedback from different bloggers. I have started logging on to Twitter chats that guide us on how to make the content more interesting or on other such relevant issues. So yes, my social media engagement has definitely increased in the last few weeks, but at the same time, it has given me a whole new platform to showcase my writings and work. 

So, there! Now you know why I am grateful for these vices. Now you tell me, aren’t these vices wise and nice? 

Linking this post to Tina, Mayuri Amrita and Deepa for #ThankfulThursdays

17 thoughts on “My Vices are Nice: #ThankfulThursday

  1. First – I love that tattoo, second I love the pup – I have been dreaming about having a pup forever!! Third – your vices are sweet – I share almost everything other than OCD – I am pretty messy and super Lazy!

    1. Yeah good old days! At Ryze and Caferati. I’m so glad I’m finally writing religiously too. It’s cathartic to say the least. Thanks for being the wind beneath my wings May❤

  2. Good ones.. Totally agree on the being social.. I get that a lot and friends/family are usually zapped that I know so many ppl and most of them come and talk to me with a big smile, not the *oh no I know her, need to do polite convo*..

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