That Love Affair With My Blog: #BlogLove @BlogChatter


I’m taking on this baton of #BlogLove initiated by from Mayuri

My blog and I started having this torrid affair about 2-1/2 months back, so the love is as fresh as a dew and feels freshly brewed. It is comforting like my first-morning mug of filter coffee that percolates into my heart, mind, and soul unfailingly; every single start of the day, greeting me with it’s warm, heady scent and taste and comforting presence. It’s been my closest buddy who I look forward to reaching out and communicating with. I await the mornings with deep anticipation, and for the school send-offs, morning yoga, ablutions, chanting, breakfast, good bye-to-work kisses to be wrapped up, thereafter which I sit comfortably ensconced in my brightly lit study, for a rendezvous with my new paramour, my blog.

It’s been a dreamy last few months. I took to blogging after a long hiatus of over 10 years. And this time I chose to come up with something more unique and exclusive, a personal domain. Thanks to the unstinted support of my dear friend, Mayuri; I was able to figure the process of setting up the blog while she also helped me connect with a lovely bunch of bloggers and the blogging community, without which this blog would be pretty much redundant. The blog also has recieved a lot of TLC from it’s creators Rajendra Zore. Thank you Raj. Means a great deal.

I love the way my blog has shaped in such a short span of time. I know I still grapple with some technology glitches here and there, but the fact that I can sit and put my thoughts, and be with myself and my blog those couple of hours each morning is like a soothing balm to my soul. An outlet, a zone where I can put my thoughts to words. My blog is my cosy haven where I can just be myself, rant, share, squabble, spin stories, engage, rejuvenate and recharge each day. This love is truly precious, as it had been eluding me for way too long. I have spent years contemplating whether it would be a good idea to put my life out for the world to see, or pen my feelings so very openly. Finally, at some juncture, I made peace with these arbitrary thoughts and opened up to the fact that if I really chose to take writing seriously and as a creative profession, I had no other option but to have an affair, and that too a very torrid and serious one with my blog. 

This blog is God gifted to me, and the amount of love and encouragement I have received for it in such a short span of time is my high point in life. I have won blogger of the week  twice for my pieces, for two different prompts and it’s an absolutely glorious feeling.

I will continue to have this sizzling romance with my blog. I hope the devious Writer’s block doesn’t come in our way, and even if it does we will beat it black and blue and wrap each other in our comforting arms and with our undeniable presence. 

What a beautiful way to shower my love on “natashamusing” this season of love. Thank you #BlogChatter.

I would like to pass on this baton of love to Shalini and Geethica




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  1. Shalini says:

    I could just imagine the high priestess of verse, perched in her stately armchair while her slim long fingers stroked the keyboard, transcribing the wordflow of her brain neurons to come alive on the screen……

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