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“Decoding Midlife” by Aesha Shah: #BlogchatterEBook #AmReviewing

  the book: decoding midlife author: aesha Shah Genre: inspirational   About “Decoding Midlife”:  According to the author, ‘Decoding Midlife’ is about approaching midlife with positivity and vigour and not consider it to be a crisis phase of life. For the author,  writing this book was an enriching and moving experience,  as she explored facets… Read More “Decoding Midlife” by Aesha Shah: #BlogchatterEBook #AmReviewing


“Life’s Magic” by Tomichan Matheikal: #BlogchatterEBook #AmReviewing

  The book: Life’s Magic author: tomichan matheikal genre: inspirational About the Author: Tomichan Matheikal is an avid reader and compulsive blogger at matheikal.blogspot.in. He has published three books: ‘English Poetry – From John Donne to Ted Hughes’, ‘Yearnings’ and ‘The Nomad Learns Morality’.  He is currently working on ‘Autumn Shadows’ and ‘Black Hole’. About “Life’s… Read More “Life’s Magic” by Tomichan Matheikal: #BlogchatterEBook #AmReviewing

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Top Secret Mission: #BlogchatterEbook

Top Secret Mission: #BlogchatterEbook I take on the baton of Blogchatter Ebook Carnival from MeenalSonal whose ebook ‘AtoZ of Parenting: An Intangible Wonder’ is also a part of the mix. About Meenal Sonal’s ebook: In this book authors Meenal & Sonal talk about parenting of kids aged group 2- 12 and emphasize the positive impact of communication… Read More Top Secret Mission: #BlogchatterEbook

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Ria’s Diary by Meghana Pawar: #BlogchatterEBook #AmReviewing

THE Book: Ria’s Diary AUTHOR: MEGHANA PAWAR Genre: Autbiography This is my first ever book review on my blog, as I believe I am not really qualified to do one. After all every reader has their very own myriad way of looking and absorbing a book. What may catch my fancy may be dismissed off as plain… Read More Ria’s Diary by Meghana Pawar: #BlogchatterEBook #AmReviewing

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A Getaway to Creative Wonderland: #WanderlustWednesday

  It’s a cloudy Sunday morning. But the sun, though hiding behind the rain pregnant clouds, steals in a shower of golden glow upon me- or is it a creative glow?  I’m blissfully unaware of the fact that this will be an eventful day; packed in a mean, scintillating punch.  

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That Love Affair With My Blog: #BlogLove @BlogChatter

  I’m taking on this baton of #BlogLove initiated byhttp://www.theblogchatter.com from http://www.sirimiri.in Mayuri My blog http://natashamusing.com and I started having this torrid affair about 2-1/2 months back, so the love is as fresh as a dew and feels freshly brewed. It is comforting like my first-morning mug of filter coffee that percolates into my heart, mind, and soul unfailingly; every… Read More That Love Affair With My Blog: #BlogLove @BlogChatter