The 5 Incredible Women in My Life

The 5 Incredible Women in My Life

Celebrating My Women


Blessed are women like me who have women who have our backs come what may. In this dog eat dog world, where self-centeredness has replaced goodness, I have been blessed to have met many women who have been my anchors, teachers, guides, friends in distress, friends in fun times and without whom I would have missed out on a whole lot of things life has to offer, or would not have been the person I am. Each of them has played a critical role in making me the person I am. Hail women power!

The women I have mentioned here are not listed as per order, just randomly as my thoughts flow aa I write out this wonderful prompt.

Somini Sen Dua: I met Soms over 20 years back in Calcutta. A gutsy, fiery women with joie de vivre. She used to be my boss in an office I worked for and thereafter we went on to become very good friends. We spent a lot of time bonding, celebrating life and keeping in constant touch. I had left her organisation to join another. Soms proved to be my pillar of support. She gave my thoughts clarity and was one of the key people who was instrumental in helping me move out of a challenging arranged marriage. She supported me through thick and thin and it’s thanks to her that I garnered the courage to walk out of what wasn’t working for me. If Somini is reading this, I would like to tell her, I’m indebted to her for life, for having stood by me when I needed it the most We haven’t been in touch now for years, and haven’t met in a long, long time. But she will continue to have that special place in my heart.

Maa, My Mother-in-Law: This is yet another woman of steel who I would salute over and over again for her resilient spirit, amazing grace, kind heart which is as expansive as an ocean, open-mindedness, grit and determination and ability to stand rock solid for each and every person in dire need. She is one of the most incredible women I know. She defines the true meaning of womanhood in every way. She is a cook par excellence, has incredible knitting, crocheting, craft skills and patience which is worth imbibing from. She is a wonderful grandparent who has taught so much to my kids. She can spend innumerable hours with the 8-year-old; teaching her how to make doughnuts, playing board games, or putting together a new project. As for me, she has been my source of inspiration, rock solid support and a very good friend who I can share my woes with. She has supported me irrespective of any situation with her broad-minded outlook and beautiful heart.

Ritika my BFF: Ritika is a beautiful person, inside out who makes every moment in my life count. I love her to bits. And she is one of those few friends I’m so very fond of. We are like soul sisters. The connect I have felt with her emotionally, as a person and the way we live our lives; is something which is rare of it’s kind. She moved to Bombay a few years back. I miss her a lot. But we keep in touch often and meet as often as we can. She has stood by me come rain or shine. And I can’t forget the time when I was dealing with a lot of stuff and she specially flew down to be with me. She is the like the rainbow that appears from nowhere when things aren’t that hunky dory. Blessed to have you Rinks <3

Ma, my mother: This is one quirky woman who makes me want to love her more despite all the idiosyncracies she comes with. She has been spending countless years nurturing me sincerely with all her heart and soul. She is so intuitive and knows each time what’s good for me and what’s not. Many a times in the past, I have faltered and regretted not taking her advice. But she has held my hand through all of that. She is my confidant, and though she hasn’t evolved so much with the times, but I am truly indebted to her for being so caring. Yet I wish she wouldn’t worry so much.  Ma never expresses her love for me in words. She puts out a tough exterior, but it’s those little acts of love that make me love her more. Preparing my favourite Pabda macher jhaal (a Bengali fish curry) Alu-posto (Potato in poppy seeds) Iilsh macher paturi (Hilsa wrapped in banana leaf and steamed) despite her failing health are just a few things that she does to make me smile.. I am notches below her when it comes to her household skills and “perfect to the T” attitude. She inspires me to take my role as a homemaker as seriously as my professional one.

My two daughters, 18 and 8: These two girls are the most precious treasures of my life. They teach me so much each day with their little deeds and their fascinating attitude. I feel we can learn so much from our children. Sometimes I feel they are our best teachers. They teach us patience, the true language of love, through their vibrant energetic attitude of living life in the moment, the forgive and forget thought-process they abide by and so much more. The 8-year-old has taught me to be more diligent. She is a fastidious child who likes to be punctual and not forget to carry what the teacher has told her to. Today she burst into tears because I had missed out on sending her the money for her class picture. Though I wish she wouldn’t get so stressed but I like the fact that she is so earnest in all that she does. Her never give up attitude always leaves me in awe. The older one on the contrary, is my best friend. She and I have withstood the toughest situations that life could throw our way. At times she comforts and looks after me as though she was my mother. She’s an old soul and sometimes I feel she was my mother from my past life. I have over the years learnt to be more assertive thanks to her because that’s the way she is.

The tribe, as I said earlier is larger and also includes my amazing sister-in-law Arti, Leena Aunty, Ravi Aunty,   Dr. Roma, Amma my lovely friends Seema, Vibha, Trijya, Jyotsna, Urja, Ritu, Shilpa, Paiel, Bhavna, Mandy, Ruchika, Mayuri, Rohina, Sangu, Chits for being the incredible women that they are and for being the wind beneath my wings.  I might be missing out on a few names but they stay engraved in my heart and I will always be grateful to them for having touched my life in some very unique ways.

May the tribe of such marvellous women continues to grow so that this world becomes a better place.



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6 thoughts on “The 5 Incredible Women in My Life

  1. Women influence our life in every era. Lucky you surrounded by so many adorable womens who transform you in the strong women what you are today.Thanks for linking

  2. Stumped for words, my friend! Love shines through every word you have written Nats!! It’s amazing how you have poured out your heart, your thoughts! I am so happy you have such lovely people in your life who had your back through every strife and tribulation. Who inspire you and celebrate you! For all the love and affection you spread around you, may it all come back to you multifold!! Truly heartened to be listed among people who have touched your life warmly. Blessed to have a friend like you! Raising a toast to you and to us!!!

  3. Loved reading your post and getting to know these women (you have detailed them out so well) who are so strong and have a mind of their own. Kudos to them for you are indeed blessed!
    Adorable about your younger one!!! Sometimes we do have these old souls around us – good to know you are indeed blessed with one such! More power to all these women and to you too darling!!

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