#MondayMusings: The Big C

#MondayMusings: The Big C

I have procrastinated writing about the Big C for way too long.  The big C that eats into the human body, soul and mind, slowly rendering the person physically and emotionally handicapped. My intention was not to brush it under the carpet. I was just kind of clueless on what to say and what would make sense, with regards to an illness that has been written about innumerable number of times.  It’s an disease which is spreading like an epidemic world-wide, causing havoc like a raging forest fire. Cancer today is the leading cause of deaths worldwide and it can affect anyone; old and young alike.

Every second person I meet, tells me that a certain member of their family or a friend is fighting this deadly disease. It’s a bit of a paradox, to see the high incidence of cancer also among people who are a few generations older than us, who led the most healthy lifestyles and ate only organic food. The question then arises, “How were they afflicted by this disease?” These are people who never smoked, ate healthy food and lived a well-balanced life.

Louise Hay, the well-known healer in her book, “You Can Heal Your Life”, points out that the psychosomatic cause for cancer, is deep-rooted resentment that one might have harboured since ones childhood and carried forward even as they grew older. This might make sense to a lot of people, but what about little babies who are afflicted by cancer? Are they carrying their past life karma forward? Louise Hay has some incredible positive affirmations designed to heal cancer and a lot of people world-wide, including her (yes, she fought out the illness bravely at a very young age, and is fighting fit at 90 now!!) have benefited from it. The affirmation she asks people to use is:

I lovingly forgive and release all of the past.
I choose to fill my world with joy.
I love and approve of myself.

Louise Hay believes that, “When your immune system becomes suppressed, cancer is allowed to grow.  A suppressed immune system is one of the conditions needed in order for cancer to flourish.  Many things can suppress your immune system, but consider your mental state for a moment.  If you constantly feel hopeless, stressed out, angry, resentful, hyper-critical or tend to punish yourself, these negative feelings could be preventing your immune system from fighting cancer. Changing these negative feelings requires you to rewire your brain” That’s were Louise Hay and her affirmations come into play. (Source: Anti-Cancer Living)





I have read lately how chemotherapy is actually a huge scam by the pharmaceutical companies to make big bucks. The rising, astronomical cost of all the new chemo drugs is one example to prove this. How many people in this world are in a position to afford the expensive chemo drugs supplied around the globe? Not many. It is believed, that cancer can be completely cured with a healthy-nutritious diet and various alternative medicines. Chemotherapy kills the cancer cells but the suffering it induces upon the patient is far more damaging than the real cure. The side-affects render the patient debilitated in more ways than one. But it is still a very debatable topic whether chemotherapy is actually a scam or not and yet to be proven. So for the time being, people suffering from cancer have no other choice but to opt for it.

I anxiously wait for the moment when we find a complete, healthy cure for this brutal disease that has taken away so many lives and is ravaging havoc in so many others. It will be a day of great victory for mankind.

I’m sure with the progress in research and technology we aren’t very far from getting there. Till then we can keep our hopes alive, and pray for all those people and their families who battle the bane of the Big C, day in and day out.













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20 thoughts on “#MondayMusings: The Big C

  1. I think the power of positive thinking can work wonders. I agree that we need a better solution than chemo to cure cancer but at the moment its the best we’ve got
    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes 🙂

  2. I lost three people from my family to C. It’s such a pain to see them going through all the treatments. From really strong and determined person to their deteriorating health… that’s what I hated seeing the most. Hopefully one day, we will have a complete cure for this deadly C.

  3. My SIL is an oncologist – a medical oncologist and she often talks about the huge chemo scam across India. I’m just beginning to believe in the power of affirmations. A friend tried it with reasonable success for her son who used to stammer. It really is important to let go of all the negativity and to teach the children to do so too.

    1. Very rightly said Tulika. The moment we let go of negativity and think and affirm positively, good things manifest in our lives. But unfortunately for a cancer patient who is battling life it isn’t always easy to stay positive. It’s quite an eye opener to know that your SIL also talks about the scam. My Mom is a cancer patient for the last 4 years and recently when none of the chemo was working for her the doctor came up with another chemo which has to be administered once a week and costs close to 3 lakhs, per dose! Unaffordable yes and how are we guaranteed of it’s efficacy?

  4. Cancer is curable if you believe so. This is easy to say but hard to realise. I lost one of my seniors to breast cancer. A lovable soul she was. Such a pain I had in that day. But knowing the things like medical scams is more painful than the pain of Big C.

    1. True Vasantha, only those who have lost a dear one to cancer or have a dear one who is battling the illness can really understand the gravity. In fact even knowing people/acquaintances around us fight the illness is so heart rending in itself.

  5. I love Louise Hay and believe in her philosophy, Natasha.
    The idea of thinking positively to heal yourself has faced a lot of flak too. I remember a particularly hard hitting article about women who don’t go in for treatment because they’re attempting to think ‘positively’. A young woman I know died when she rejected chemo in favour of prayer. It’s such a hard choice to make. I really think it’s up to the individual woman to make her choice freely.

    1. Hi Corinne, Thank you for reading and commenting. 🙂 I guess it has to be a balance of positive affirmations and medical care put together. Not too sure if it’s a wise decision to abandon medical care completely hoping that only the affirmations will work. Though I do believe in alternative medicine and it’s benefits far more than chemo/radiation. But then, like you said, it’s a very personal choice and how one wants to go about it and what the family feels best deemed fit for the patient.

    1. Hi Shalzzz, Thank you for reading and commenting. My Mom has cancer and it’s been a long drawn battle. Every day is a new challenge which she has fought and is fighting very bravely. Someday I’m sure things will turnaround for the better and the best of mankind.
      Yes do check out Louise Hay’s book. It is a ready reckoner for any kind of illness-including tooth ache, back pain and even fever. It’s called, “You Can Heal Your Life”

  6. I know atleast 3 people who have suffered from this deadly disease. I have read so much about the scams by big pharmaceutical companies. But we don’t even know if it’s scam or a reality. It breaks my heart as the patients are left with no choice but to buy those expensive medicines.

    1. Dear Raj, Thank you for reading and commenting. I know what you mean. It’s a sad reality we are all living with. We can only hope for the best and that things work out in the favour of all people battling this dreadful disease.

  7. I too, have read about the treatment scams and other things lately. God knows whats the truth but my heart goes for the families. I wish we soon find some reliable and easy natural treatment for the widespread disease.

    1. Dear Upasna, Thank you for reading. Yes, there are a lot of alternative remedies, including a well balanced healthy diet that do work in favour of the patients. But it seems not many people are ready to go for alternative, as they feel the chances of survival and the guaranty that chemo/radiation give, far outweigh alternative medicines.

  8. If you constantly feel hopeless, stressed out, angry, resentful, hyper-critical or tend to punish yourself, these negative feelings could be preventing your immune system from fighting cancer
    This one is bad not only for immunity but for entire wellbeing .Polluted food water everything is a big reason for many incidents of cancer .Both environmental and generics play a role .Lived the affirmation.

  9. Wow! That’s some great insight into Cancer and I’m surely going to pick the book you recommended here.

    Like you rightly pointed out, deep seated resented can harm our well-being in more ways than we can count and if research points it to be one of the underlying causes of cancer, it is truly an alarming finding given the stressful lives we lead.

    Am so glad you chose to write this post, it may just have the answers I have been seeking from a long time.

    1. Dear ME, So good to see you here after a long time. Thank you for reading. I’m glad this post could be of help to you and was able to give you some insights you were looking for. Hugs <3

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