Life is a box of…: #WOW #Blogadda #MondayMusing

Life is a box of…: #WOW #Blogadda #MondayMusing


This post was written for Blogadda’s weekend prompt “Life is a box of…” This happens to be my second WOW (winning) post two weeks in a row.



Life is a box….. of Puppies.

Yes, a box of cuddly, cute, lovable puppies, that you want to keep holding in both your arms, as they scramble away slowly from your warm, loving embrace. The precious moments in our life are like the adorable puppies-transitory. Also just like the box of unlimited cuteness that will one day grow to mature, adult dogs; life keeps changing and we keep evolving, as well. We grow older and wiser with time, yet try we must, not to lose our youthful spirit ever.

I feel life is a gold mine that is beautiful, joyous just like a box of puppies. If someone were to gift me a box of puppies, I would have actually hit an err.. diamond mine!! That’s how ardently I love dogs. Being in the company of these puppies would bring sheer happiness and makes me forget all the worries of the world. Similarly if we learn to enjoy the little gifts that life has to offer us and the various blessings that come our way every day; life would indeed be a bundle of surprise every single moment. A surprise that we can savour and cherish day after day.

Yes, the puppies are endearing and cuddling up to them is blissful, but then these gorgeous little creatures also teach us to clean their mess, and painstakingly look after them. They throw curve balls our way. They poop and pee multiple times and then do we have a choice but to not clean up after them? Similarly shit happens in life, but we need to clear up the mess, continue to stay afloat and move on. The key is not to hold on to the mess or any past baggage. We can make life worthwhile by looking forward to the little joys that will come tottering our way, just like these little bundles of joy- these adorable puppies.

We also learn to love, nurture and care for these little babies, who are completely helpless without their mothers. Similarly life teaches us to love, nurture and care not just for those we love, but also for the world at large. Life also teaches us that just like these box of puppies we are bundle of energies, that need to be harnessed, nurtured and looked after. Life trains us to love ourselves, our countless emotions and appreciate and nurture our very being.

One day these box of puppies will grow into old, adult dogs. They may fall sick. Similarly we will also grow old eventually, in this journey of life. Our old age might be besieged with illness. And just like the way we would tend our sick dogs back to health, we will learn to take our own illness in stride and fight it out, trying if we can;  by not “expecting” people/family to be our care givers. If people chose to be by our side, great, if not than we will walk the road with a smile on our face. We will not begrudge our past, age gracefully and will cherish our old age with love and joy, living life to the hilt. Just the way we would cherish the company of our ageing dogs.

And when it will be time to say good-bye to this life, we will leave with gratitude in our hearts for the joys this Box of Puppies gave us. And for a life well lived.





This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’ 


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16 thoughts on “Life is a box of…: #WOW #Blogadda #MondayMusing

  1. I’m truly enjoying the design and layout of your blog. It’s a very easy on the eyes which makes it much more enjoyable for me to come here and visit more often. Did you hire out a developer to create your theme? Superb work!

  2. Very beautifully expressed. Who thought life could be a box full of such cute little things. Helps a lot that you mention the fact that every cute little thing is eventually going to grow up and leave your embrace.

  3. Being a mom of 2 labs and seeing one grow up from a 35 day old pup to a 4 yr old now i absolutely relate to your article and love how you compared it to life!

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