I Love Mondays: #WordlessWednesday #WednesdayWisdom

I Love Mondays: #WordlessWednesday #WednesdayWisdom


“A fresh new start. Chance to set a tone for the rest of the week, a great day to mobilise a whole  new week and your dreams.”


Photo credits: Mujib



Meeting this fur ball on the walk. Cute-heart.


Kaali, the stray I look after. A rendezvous with her after eons. She is busy chasing pigeons with her boyfriend, Bali these days.




A new week/a Monday spells new beginnings. I love Mondays. It sets the tone for my week, and translates to getting back to work, writing and the routine. I love schedules.

Well, last week was rough, but the weekend prior to that was a blast, bringing in a dear friend’s birthday in Goa.

But here is something that happens to me time and again when I have had enough fun. The universe conspires in uncanny ways and throws an armload of challenges at me!

Does it ever happen to you too? 

I know life aint a bed of roses but sometimes when you feel life’s looking up and is blessed, the train speeds in and throws you off the track. You then are left to nurse yourself back. That’s the only choice you have, don’t you?

I scheduled this post on Monday and I thought the perfect way to set my new week right was to list a bunch of good things that happened to me yesterday. This helped me perk up my optimism quotient and I guess, set the tone for a better week.

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In between all of this, if things don’t go the way I wished them to, I’m going to handle life with aplomb and be grateful for the many blessings.

How do you re-write the script of your life when things go down hill? Or not. Would love to hear your thoughts, this wordy-wednesday. 







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8 thoughts on “I Love Mondays: #WordlessWednesday #WednesdayWisdom

  1. Life is a beautiful music only because of the different notes and scales …… A flat one would not invoke any emotion, right! We just need to dance to the music accordingly

    For me Monday too is just another day and it should be looked forward to happily.

    Have a fantastic weekend Natasha ✨

  2. Life is definitely a mix of good and bad times. Your spirit to take it in your stride is inspiring, Natasha. I like Mondays too. I would have loved it if the 3-year-old also had to go somewhere leaving me with a quiet house. 🙂 The pictures are gorgeous.

  3. Beautiful Begonias—reminds me of ma’s garden from our Kohima days! And, did I tell you Kaali is beautiful! So good to know you’ve been working on keeping the spirits high despite the challenges. Keep your chin up, girl! This too shall pass.

    P.S. I’m sure you had fun at the Lit Fest. No such luxury at my end. Sigh!!

  4. To me, the mark of a good job is when you look forward to Mondays. I’ve been fortunate for the last twenty or so years of my life that I’ve had such a job.

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