Mishka Laila Tails: #WordlessWednesday

Mishka Laila Tails: #WordlessWednesday



Charming start to y(our) day! Mishka (left) Laila (right) Who is right?



What is it that Laila has, that I don’t?


Ah! Yes, the pigeons on the 18th floor are petrified by Laila’s, barkkkkkkk!


And yes, she is a diva and hair-stylist’s dream come true.



They are still figuring out how to un-box me! I’m too boxed for their taste! 😉


That’s when Laila was barely a year old. Now she is all of seven!! 49 years in human age, menopausal huh? No wonder she gets all crabby at times at the pigeons and my fur friends!! But I still louveee her. <3


When I was a puppers last year, she was still a…



…Discerning Diva!!!!


Till we meet again!  

Much love. Adios Amigos!

Mishka-Laila Tails.



I’ve been meaning to share some snippets about my fur babies for a while. I also feel I have been writing a lot of “inspirational” stuff off late. And I needed to re-invent my commentary.  Maybe lighten up the mood a bit. 😉

Tell me what you think?

Would you want me to add more wit and humour to NatashaMusing?

Our family is so grateful to have these fur-wonders in our lives. They add meaning to our days with their unbridled, innocent energies. This post was specially complied for Gran and Binky who have been asking about these two cuties of mine.

You can read more about them, and our precious treasure in heaven, Cotton here:

Mishka’s homecoming

Reincarnated Souls

Cotton’s Story

Lost in Paradise – Laila Goes Missing


Psst: You could follow Mishka Laila on Instagram  @mishka_lailatails


Till we meet next week with a wordy or maybe a wordless wednesday!

Be well, my friends!

Love, light and laughter always. <3








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46 thoughts on “Mishka Laila Tails: #WordlessWednesday

  1. Awwww…..I am just going “Awwww…” over your babies, Natasha! Such adorable darlings! You know, every time I spot a canine baby, my heart goes, “awww..!” ;P
    What would we do without these love packets!?

  2. Hello my sista from another country… how are you this fine day? It’s a little warm out today so I think I’ll just stay in with my little fur ball. Yep, I have one too. He’s around 5 or maybe 6. We got him at the shelter a few years ago. A policeman found him and brought him in. Our last dog past away & went to rainbow heaven & I thought it was time for another. He’s black & brown Labrador & demands a lot of loving, but he is a good dog except if he’s not chained up he will run! So we just leave him on the chain when we take him out or go for a walk. Next time I’ll try to remember to put a few pictures on my post. His name is Charlie and loves to eat! You have a wonderful week my friend. We’ll talk soon! Hugs!!! Oh and please stay safe!

    1. Yes, They are my angels, Vinitha. I have a few more- finned friends whose pictures I shall be sharing very soon. Their names are Akira, Ellie (Comet), Arohi and Bahadur and Bahaduri!! :))))

  3. Mishka and Laila are very beautiful. I love dogs and I have a dog, Bella, and a cat, Calliope. They are family members, and my son counts the “girls” as his sisters! ☺
    Have a great day, dear Natasha!

  4. Thank you for these… as a dog lover, being away from my own dog for so long has been depressing. I have grown up around dogs since I was 5 years old… it is really something to just see happy playful dogs again

    1. I totally relate to your feelings, Roshan. We have had dogs ever since I was born. My relationship with them is inseparable.

      I would love to have more pets, but it comes with tons of responsibilities and they require time and attention. Though in the past I have had pet turtles, birds, hamsters, rabbits etc.

      Now having these two cuties and our 3 Betta fish- Akira, Arohi and Ellie (Comet) plus the tetras, Bahadur and Bahaduri, is good enough. Though I really wish to have a pet turtle again some day. And a pet owl, eh?

      Maybe when I live by the forests or countryside. And life will no longer be as demanding as the urban life.

      Are you stationed at the hospital these days?

      Take care and hope you see your adorable dog soon.

    1. happy weekend dear Veronica.

      How are you?
      Please send me your Sambal curry recipe from scratch. Fish sambal. 🙂

      Have a relaxed weekend! Much love.

    1. “Thank you so much, Aunt Monika”, say Mishka-Laila. Woofs and Paw-some cuddles. <3

      We aren't too active there, but once in a while our younger sister puts up posts and stories about us. But we do have a few interesting posts.

      Have a lovely weekend! <3

  5. More wit and humour are always welcome and so is inspirational stuff from time to time. It looks like both the fur babies get along very well with each other. They are cutie pies 🙂

    1. Dear dear Anu,

      Thank you so much for answering that question. I guess it’s all about balance, right.
      Will do so for sure. You definitely are our wit queen, aren’t you. 🙂
      Usko kabhi nahi chorna. Who humari zindagi kay chotie chotie baton ko majedaar banati hain.

      Yes, they are best friends now. Mishka worked her way real hard to get there. Laila always had this stiff upper lip. She missed Cotton too much and Mishka arrived 2 months later. It was tough for her to deal with a new member and the changes. But we all come around don’t we, animals, especially.

      Now they refuse to sleep without each other. On somedays I get Laila to sleep with me but she needs to sleep with Mishka who might be sleeping with the girls. And vice-versa.

      So much louveeee na! ;-))

  6. Aww…what a sweet duo, Natasha <3 Thank you for the shout out. We loved to see your sweet doggies and yes, we hope to see more of them 😀 Pawkisses for a wonderful Wednesday and one extra for Mishka and Laila 🙂 <3

    1. Thanks Gran and Binky. <3 You girls are adowowrable! :)))

      Yes, you will definitely see more of them and our other fin friends in the days to come. 🙂

      Have a lovely weekend.

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