5 Lessons 2020 Has Taught Me: #TuesdayMotivation #MondayMusings

5 Lessons 2020 Has Taught Me: #TuesdayMotivation #MondayMusings

Lessons From 2020


“Historically, pandemics have forced humans to break with the past and imagine their world anew. This one is no different. It is a portal, a gateway between one world and the next.

We can choose to walk through it, dragging the carcasses of our prejudice and hatred, our avarice, our data banks and dead ideas, our dead rivers and smoky skies behind us. Or we can walk through lightly, with little luggage, ready to imagine another world. And ready to fight for it.”

-Arundhati Roy   


Whoever would have thought that the year 2020 would arrive with a pandemic of such a catastrophic scale devastation. One that would make the so called mighty kneel and bring the world to a grinding halt

The Coronavirus came to teach us many life lessons. To never take Mother Nature for granted, to restore our faith in humanity, to break away from our prejudices and hatred, to respect and not demolish what has been served to us on a platter, by the Earth that only knows how to give.

The azure day skies and the star studded night skies, the fresh, crispy air, the crystal clear rivers, the bustling wildlife; on Day 14 of an all-India lockdown, were all a testimonials to the fact that nature  knows how to renew itself seamlessly, but only if given a chance to.

I wrote the above lines for our 2nd quarter newsletter at Pugdundee Safaris. 


2020 and Moi


2020 has given me ample time to pause, reflects and walk on an inward journey. It taught me the benefits of introspection while spending time with myself, which was quite a revelation


Here are the 5 Lessons 2020 Has Taught Me


1. Self Love:

I was gifted enough time to introspect and go inwards in 2020. This in turn helped me discover, undiscovered parts of myself, taught me to acknowledge and love myself with all my goodness and flaws.

Though I didn’t manage to write my WOTY (Word of the Year) for 2020, but my chosen word was Self-Love. And I worked with it closely. It taught me that I could love others with all the compassion and grace in my heart, only if I loved myself enough.


Self love may sound like a cliche′. But believe you me it is not. It is also not about being selfish and narcissistic, but learning to love oneself unconditionally, in the past and present form. Practising my WOTY taught me to let go of my “flawed” parts and the thoughts and actions which were serving me no higher purpose.

Last month as many of you may know, I was laid up at home with Covid, quarantining alone and of course didn’t have the luxury to hug my dear ones. Each morning upon waking up, I would look into the mirror and give myself a big, warm hug and say, “I love you”.

Learning to love myself has been a revelation. It has filled my heart with more love and compassion for others, and even those who may challenge me. It has helped me drop any form of judgement completely. 

When you love yourself unconditionally, you love and accept others minus any judgements. Click To Tweet


  2. Gratitude:

I have always valued the attitude of gratitude, but not the way I do now.

The year 2020 and the pandemic has actually opened my eyes and made me experience the power of gratitude consciously and unconsciously, every other moment of my day. It has made me aware of the smallest of blessings that surround us all the time.

I now start my day with gratitude. When I pray and meditate gratitude occupies a major part of my practise. During the course of my day, I remember to give gratitude to say; the chair I sit and work, my blanket, my pillow, the trees outside and inside my home, the water and food I consume, the people who work behind the scenes to make life easier and comfortable for us, and so much more. The list is endless if we were to try and create one!


This year has taught me to acknowledge how blessed I am to have friends and family, a roof above our head, and healthy, hot meals on our table, every day, unfailingly. I am grateful that my loved ones and I are safe and alive amidst this devastation. It has helped me realise how precious the gift of life is, despite the unending challenges, which are small compared to the treasures and lessons of life. 

2020 has taught me to appreciate the little pleasures of being outdoors when we couldn’t. I’m also grateful to this virus for giving us a break from our busy, stressful lives, and allowing us time to pause, reflect and travel inwards, and enjoy the bliss of being homebound. 

Thus gratitude has become my mantra for joy. 


3. Silence

2020 has given me the gift of silence. It has taught me to value silence. 

I wrote some time back, “In my silence, I found my stillness.”


And my silence as Lao Tzu would say, “has become my source of great strength.”

It has opened my world, and has helped me find bliss and peace.


4. Sustainable and Healthy Living:

I have been a sustainability warrior for a while now. But 2020 has made me put into practise my vow for sustainability with renewed determination. It really helps to have a 22 year-old older child, who is so conscious of protecting and healing this planet with her vegan choices, and everyday sustainable practises. She even runs an online sustainable fashion/thrift store community called The Golden Fleas.

Our Fresh Food, Organic Produce.

The pandemic and 2020 reminded us how important it is to protect and heal the planet. And never to take nature for granted. And constantly strive to help it heal and grow. Especially since this planet is an inheritance we are to pass our future generation. 

The Golden Fleas
The Golden Fleas

This year also reminded all of us that our good health was a non-negotiable gift that we all have received from the universe, and to never take it for granted. I have always believed in a healthy life-style, but this year I worked twice as hard to incorporate healthy living practises in my life. This included regular yoga, meditation, eating clean, home cooked meals mostly and, cutting back on a non-vegetarian diet. 


5. Throw Kindness like Confetti:

The world is in dire need of love and compassion. One person’s kindness can be the source of another person’s joy. 

Every person or being (flora and fauna included) we come across deserves love and kindness. Every living being is constantly challenging something or the other.


Our little gift of kindness in the form of a compliment, a small deed of love, a prayer, a good wish, a caring word of endearment or motivation, a hug (not so feasible given the current times) or a virtual hug, a little act of compassion to make a small difference; can go a long way in cheering up someone, or turning around their day. 

So, let’s not always wait for the festive season to sprinkle kindness around us. Let’s try and practise throwing the confetti of kindness all through the year and for years to come. After all each one of us are connected intrinsically, energetically and divinely so. 

One person's kindness can be the source of another person's joy. Click To Tweet


2020, I’m bidding you adieu with gratitude and this post, which is probably the longest one I’ve written this year. (My #WordlessWednesday post is on next week and in all possibility the WOTY 2021 post too. If not sooner later indeed)

2020, the lessons you have taught me can’t be summed up in mere words. It’s the after-effects that count.

Dear friends in blogosphere,

Here’s wishing you and yours a Happy Yule, and a very precious New Year that brings with it unlimited reasons for your bliss and growth. <3 <3

Signing off with a poem I wrote early this year. 

Whoever said 2020 should be cancelled?


2020 is meant to be.
A year so daunting and tragic,
Jolting us out of our ignorant slumber,
Like a raging cyclone.
Pulling us out of our comfort zone.

2020 is meant to be.
A year that’s an eye-opener
A year we come to terms with change.
Accept change. Embrace change.
Be the change.

2020 is the year to stand by each other.
Payback our dues to the precious planet,
And allow it to heal.

2020 isn’t going to be cancelled,
It’s a year to grow and evolve.
A year to just be.


Over to 2021 now! Be kind to us. 🙂



I’m linking up with Corinne for her prompt: “What 2020 has Taught Me”

And Trent’s Weekly Smiles.

24 thoughts on “5 Lessons 2020 Has Taught Me: #TuesdayMotivation #MondayMusings

  1. It’s so hard to verbalize the lessons we’ve all learned in these unusual times! I enjoyed reading your take on the prompt.
    Learning to be silent is a big lesson – one that will see us through many years!
    Stay blessed in 2021!

  2. 2020 was here to make us pause and learn some crucial lessons of life. You have summed it up aptly. Each one you have mentioned is so very important….. especially self love which people don’t seem to understand. I just hope what good things we have realized stays for good and is not forgotten.

    The Golden Flea is so funky. Wishing the team luck!

    Loads of love, warm hugs and light to you my full-of-life friend ….. muahh!

    Stay blessed and may 2021 bring in happiness in all walks of life…..
    Monika Ohson | TravelerInMe recently posted…Balcony Birding: Black-Rumped FlamebackMy Profile

  3. Gratitude for the lessons we learn through adversities has been my biggest takeaway this year. And, for that I will always be grateful to 2020.
    Self love is also so important. We don’t realise it in our everyday crazy life, but when we are down, it comes rushing to us that we so need to look after ourselves, too.
    Lovely poem, Natasha!
    And, wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy 2021!

  4. Dear Natasha,
    I enjoyed reading these lessons. I know I have to learn them, I strive to learn them as best I can and I have to fight more with myself. I fight with love. 🙂

    Thank you for your best wishes! ❤️ May your wishes come true!
    I hug you dearly!
    All the best to you and your loved ones!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! ❤️

  5. Who could have predicted a year ago what we were to suffer? I like your idea of looking at the things you’ve learned. Something we should all consider. We can only hope that the new year gives us a new start but neither crystal balls nor so-called experts can predict the future. I wonder what lessons you’ll be telling us about in a years time. I’ll be watching this space! Whatever happens, I hope it will be a happy one for you and your loved ones.
    Keith’s Ramblings recently posted…Chilly pics …My Profile

  6. I really like that instead of looking at 2020 as a struggle you had to get through, you saw it as a learning opportunity. It is good to look at everything as a learning experience. I think a lot of us have grown more grateful over the year – when you see people lose everything it reminds you how much you really have. They were all good lessons that you learned, and I hope everyone follows to some degree – we need a kinder world that is gentler on the planet (and each other!), and one place to start that journey to that kinder world is self-love. If we don’t truly love ourselves, can we truly/honestly love others? Hope you are well through this holiday season and have a happy new year 🙂 Oh, I really like your winter portrait at the top of the page.

    1. Dear Trent,

      I’m glad you love the winter headers. 🙂

      Yes, and I am truly grateful to Corrine for giving us the idea for this fabulous prompt.
      It’s good to have a list of the lessons handy as the years go by, lest we forget.

      Yes, self love is key to our growth and that of others around us. Accepting our flawed selves opens up a whole new horizon of understanding towards ourselves and others.

      There is something called Oneness of Self and Environment that we learned in Buddhism. Our environment, the situations around us and the people in it are a clear reflection of who we are.
      Therefore when we change things around us also change, for the better.

      Be well. Happy yule!

  7. I completely agree, Natasha, whatever 2020 has taught us can never be summed up in words. There was so much upheaval in our lives and the learning that came as a result did bring a few life-changing resolves too. My own experience has also been all about maintaining a balance in everything I do for those I care for and myself (especially since I tend to overlook my own needs). So, apart from many other things, I also learnt this year how not to do that. And I learnt WHY not to do that. That is my biggest learning this year. Here’s wishing you a blissful and happy 2021, dear Natasha! Stay safe and enjoy the festive time with your loved ones.

    1. So glad that 2020, despite its innumerable challenges has gifted us with so many lessons, dear Esha.

      I’m really happy to hear that you have started putting your needs also as priority. I feel its like wearing that oxygen mask on the flight. We are asked to wear our first before helping others with theirs.
      If we are fine we will be better equipped to help others in their journey for sure.

      Lovely to see you hear, my dear friend.
      Lots of love and hugs. <3
      Take good care.

  8. Oh dear ! I didn’t know you had CoVid. That must have been quite an experience… I loved your five lessons. Self love is really important if you have to be able to take care of others. And I do agree that 2020 was like a punishment from God for destroying our earth. In the beginning, I actually thought this was somewhat like Noah and the Ark and the world would start anew after 40 days of virus. But obviously this did not happen.
    Hope 2021 is a better year for us all. Take care
    Unishta recently posted…#embrace : My word for 2021My Profile

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