The Road Trip: #FridayFictioneers

The Road Trip: #FridayFictioneers

The Harris family is on a much awaited road trip to the mountains.

Amidst the Winding roads, giggly twins, the eighteen year-old plays Watermelon Sugar on a loop. Mrs. Harris lovingly passes around the cookies and sandwiches; she has meticulously packed.


Mr. Harris deftly steers his van to the much awaited destination. The breathtaking snow peaks gleam against the golden light.

As they savour the view and the crisp mountain air, the radio splutters back to life.

A grim voice announces, “The global Corona Virus is wrecking havoc and the government has announced an indefinite lockdown.”

Rest is what they call history.


Van- Unused with weeds
Photo Prompt: Russel Gayer


Thanks to our fabulous hostess with the mostest, Rochelle for the Friday Fictioneers. 

Click the endearing Froggie to join in the fun or just read some fabulous 100 word stories.


Thanks Keith for the froggies would a wooing go.

21 thoughts on “The Road Trip: #FridayFictioneers

    1. Dear Gah,

      I’m glad the vivid descriptions transported you to the trip.

      I so agree, they are in paradise for now.
      Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts.

  1. History it seems is still being made. And no area seems to be safe anymore. Wish everyone was in paradise like the Harris family.

  2. Dear Natasha,

    I hope you’ve managed to stay well and safe. I’ve been concerned for my Indian friends. Pity the pandammit has wreaked so much havoc. Nicely done.



    1. Dear Rochelle,

      All good by the grace of the universe, though my only brother fought Covid valiantly and crossed over early this year.

      So far so good.

      Thanks so much for your love and good wishes.

      Love and cheer

  3. Pity this was so nice until you added the last bit. Writers should do all they can to avoid modern news and events. We must create a place for people to feel safe and avoid such things.

    1. Dear Mason,

      Thank you for swinging by and sharing your thoughts. Truly appreciated.

      Think most people will miss the point here. The gist of the story basically.
      I was hoping many would get it, but it seems unlikely.

      They are stranded in a scenic location away from the urban madness. A balm to their soul perhaps.
      Something to look forward to. And also a safe space away from the hot spot of the pandemic.

      Hope this helps.

      Hope this helps.

    1. Yes they are Keith, but the icing on the cake is the crisp mountain air and the scenic location bustling with wildlife.

      I love your froggies, so I keep stealing them.
      Happy weekend my friend.

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