Truly a Grand, Golden Birthday

Truly a Grand, Golden Birthday


My life is better with every year of living it.”

~  Rachel Maddo

“Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest.”

~ Larry Lorenzoni

Truly a Grand, Golden Birthday

Recently I celebrated my golden jubilee. My 50th birthday. The internet reveals that a Golden birthday is one when the date of your birth coincides with your age. In that case, mine is long gone by when I turned 24, as I was born on 24th August. 

In any case, I like to call my Fiftieth my special Big-0 or Golden birthday. 

August was a truly blessed month, and surprisingly it just flew by in a jiffy. We had a beautiful little family weekend getaway, the part two of which I will be sharing soon, as promised. 

Last week was of the most special week of my life – the Golden Birthday week. I was pampered immensely by family and friends. The cherry on the cake was to have my fourteen-year old back from boarding school all of that week, and be by my side; for this special celebratory week.

Birthday-Cake- Caramel- nutty-Candles
A goes caramel topped, golden celebration indeed.

The Day I Turned Golden

I woke up to a gorgeous birthday sky. The maker had dabbled with his paint brush, smudging out the hues of blue and grey, while the golden orb shone its sparkling light. I began my day with my usual ritual of a light, bare feet stroll in the dew-kissed grass downstairs, gathering fallen flowers for my altar. I returned home to a gorgeous caramel-nut cake, lovingly bought by the DH and the mi familia celebrating this milestone. It was precious to be surrounded by all the love. Thereafter, I made time for my Yoga and meditation practise, and to give gratitude for having lived five very incredible decades of my life. 

Waking up golden blessings from the universe.

Breakfast with familia was sumptuous Dosa and Sambhar. The DH had to head to work; it was mid-week after all. 

The 14 year-old and I went to the temple to seek blessings. The temple was very serene and quiet, as it was nearing closing time. I choose to go here also for that reason. I don’t enjoy visiting holy places that are noisy and bustling. Therefore, this visit was distinctively calming and meditative. 

Thereafter, we picked fifty packets of sweets and samosas from the neighbourhood sweet shop. I distributed them to the lesser privileged. It was hearting to see their lips curve into a smile and their eyes twinkle with joy. I felt blessed to be able to share my birthday with them and there were many children amongst them. A big community of potters and gypsies can be found inhabiting the main road beyond our neighbourhood and it was a privilege to be able to gift them sweet smiles. 

The towering Plumeria, in all it’s gorgeousness.

As we were headed home, I came across a nursery selling a huge Nag Champa (Plumeria pudica) tree, one that I had been eyeing for a while. Though not fragrant like its other counterpart, Frangipani (Plumeria rubra/obtusa); Nag Champa with its cobra shaped leaves (thus the name- Nag that translates to Cobra in English) and the milky white flowers that bloom for many days in clusters, lend a charming presence. We have four full grown Frangipani trees on our terrace and balconies, that bloom in shades of white, pink and fruity red. This new addition to our living room balcony that I gifted myself on my special day, looks lovely towering beside the African Palm.

Can you spot the Passion flower creeper?


I also brought home another purple Passion flower plant, as the one we have had now for a few years, had wilted a bit in the monsoons, and wasn’t flowering this season.

Flowering Plant-Purple- Passion flowers
Bringing back the glory of Passion flower blooms this monsoons.


Unagi Bowl-japanese-Food
My lip-smacking Unagi Aubergine bowl, lovingly served by the 24 year-old.


Aubergine Unagi – Yum’s the word!

We returned home to the most lip-smacking vegan lunch put together by my 24 year-old. There was Aubergine Unagi,  Spinach drizzled with seasme, Button mushrooms in spring onions and pickled Carrot and red Cabbage salad.  She truly has been pampering me silly all through my birthday month, always going that extra mile to make me feel wonderful and special. This also includes organising my 50th birthday bash seamlessly; where we all had the time of our lives.

Japanese-Food-Mushrooms-Carrots-Red Cabbage-Salads
Stir fried button mushrooms and carrots and red cabbage pickled salad drizzled with sesame.

The Evening Fades into a Musical Surprise

At 6:30 PM the door bell rang. I was greeted by this young guy at the door with a guitar in hand, telling me my best friend had sent him over to play for me. I was dumbstruck to say the least. Meanwhile another dear friend of mine also arrived with her daughter. And the DH was back home. Sahil, the musician belted some sweet, nostalgic music to infuse more light into my soul. We all sat, listening to him strum and sing and it was just so beautiful. A truly one-of-a-kind experience. And I can’t thank you bestie, Riti, enough for pampering me like this. 

Thereafter, I cut another cake and we shared some smiles and laughter before heading out for a family dinner, at a farm-to- table place, once again picked painstakingly by the 24 year-old. It was lovely to be surrounded by familia and such a unique gift to have the 14 year-old by our side too. The golden birthday evening wrapped up on the sweetest note. 

Flowers sent by a dear school friend from overseas.

The Golden Birthday Week Thereafter

The birthday week was filled with more surprises. Friends sent me lovely gifts and flowers galore. Another one designed and gifted me a beautiful outfit. And another one sent vegan body care products.  I got three fabulous books from my book club, that I had been eyeing. Book of Dog, Whispers from the Wild and a complete omnibus of Jim Corbett books. Another friend has ordered more books on wildlife and they are on their way. One friend has made this beautiful calligraphy of Rudyrad Kipling’s poem “If”. 

Books-Wildlife-Dog Book-Jim-Corbett
A wish-list of my birthday books received with so much love from my book-club, Books & Beyond. Nothing enchants me more than stories from nature and wildlife.

My in-laws and SIL also visited us, and it was great to spend time with them. My Dad sent me a magnanimous gift. He couldn’t be here, but it was blessed to have spent the last month and a half with him, while he was over.

Our very dear friends also came visiting from NY. Though it was a touch and go visit, but absolutely delightful and fuzzy to spend time with them and their kids who were now all so grown up. They got me lovely presents too. 

I know I sound like an excited teenager who just turned sixteen, but that’s how this birthday has felt!

My dear Virgo friend from Banglore sent these lovely goodies packaged with so much love.

After Party

We had a celebration at home over the weekend, once again planned and organised by the older poppet. She and the DH worked super hard to make it so lit! We danced our hearts out. This proved to be a super lively gathering of some dear friends. And one of the best we’ve ever had in the longest time. It was wonderful to host friends at home, after so many years.

I brought in my 50th, jiving and having the time of my life. Initially I had planned to get away on a solo vacation, but I’m glad I changed my mind. It was blessed and blissful to be surrounded by dear family and friends and to soak in all the love.

May the decades that follow be as peaceful and divine as these gorgeous Plumerias, that now adorn our home and my heart.


Signing off this week, with this beautiful song by Taylor Swift – August, as we slip over to sweet September. And also Night Changes, by One Direction, which I truly enjoy. 

Much love, light and laughter you way.

May t hemonths ahead be blessed, healthy and beautiful. xoxo

Natasha <3



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A Studio Version of August


Night Changes by One Direction Life is not always a party, things can turn around; and then again turn in our favour. 


The Lyrics Of August

49 thoughts on “Truly a Grand, Golden Birthday

  1. Belated happy birthday. My golden birthday (first I heard of this) was many years ago, too. I so loved the picture of your balcony – if I was able to have a year round outside balcony of plants (impossible in the climate I live in) it might look just like that! What happiness to be spoiled by your family and to be able to be all together. The Taylor Swift song selection was beautiful.

  2. Dear Natasha, even it’s a little bit late, I wish you from my heart, Happy Birthday and a long journey
    full of health, love, light!
    This post is so special and full of good vibes. It is important that in this moment you were surrounded
    by so much love from family and friends.
    This is the true gift of life for you. And you succeeded to spread your joy towards us
    and I thank you for this.
    All the best, dear friend! Love and light!❤️

    1. Thank you so much dearest Suzana. I’m so happy I can sprinkle the confetti of joy around me as well.

      I wish you love, light, laughter magic and miracles. xox
      Big hugs

  3. What a happy birthday you had! The custom of passing out candy is priceless. The Taylor Swift song so beautiful. Thank you for sharing your memories.

  4. Happy birthday, dear Natasha! <3
    Reading your words, seeing the photos I felt your joy and enthusiasm to be surrounded by family and friends! You are blessed with beautiful people around you, and this is, I think, a wonderful gift!
    I am happy for your happyness!
    Those who can enjoy life as you do can't grow old! I wish you to stay young forever!
    I hug you with love! <3
    Diana recently posted…Amintiri din vacanță. Activități de varăMy Profile

    1. I so agree with you. That surely is life’s biggest blessing.

      Thank you for all your love always Di. Biggest Hugs, blessings and loads of Love always. <3 <3 <3

  5. May the golden birthday be the beginning of more golden moments, dearest Natasha! What glorious celebrations! Wishing you good health, contentment and happiness always. Lots of love, dear.

  6. Happy Birthday, Natasha! I’m a bit late with these birthday wishes but I’m delighted to read that your golden birthday started and ended on a beautiful note. I remember turning 50. I thought how can this be? I remembered how once upon a time I thought such a mile stone meant you’re over the hill but I felt anything other than old. I still do. I read a quote that went something like “youth is wasted on the young” which is really quite true. They really don’t understand nor appreciate where they are at in life. Thank you for sharing your special day with us. May God bless you with many more happy, healthy, and love-filled celebrations!
    Cathy Kennedy recently posted…You Know My Name BOTB ShowdownMy Profile

    1. That is so very true.

      Even I had thought turning 50 might be going downhill, almost a decade ago when I turned 40. But I guess you feel so much more empowered, content, peaceful and grateful as you grow older. Older and wiser, learning to live life tp the hilt. 🙂

      Thanks for all the lovely wishes, dear one. Feeling blessed. Big hugs. xo

    1. Yes, D. I so did. Thank you for your loving wishes. Missed seeing you on your India trip.

      Did you not hop across to Delhi NCR this time?

      Sending you love, light and laughter. (I do think of you often) <3

    1. I so did. And eternally grateful for these incredible blessings and to be surrounded by loved ones.

      I am glad I gave the solo vacation a miss this one time. 🙂
      Thank you Alan. Have a good week ahead.

    1. Thank you so much Debbie.
      Now I just hope I can get to rock and roll in some really nice concert this year. :-)))

      Yes, that salad was lip smacking delish. I’m so grateful for the 24-year old’s healthy, wholesome meals cooked with so much love.

      Have a blessed new week, dearest. <3

  7. What a great August Birthday! We August Gals (and Guys) are among the best of the best…my day is one before yours! So glad to know you are 30 years less one day younger than I am…having just hit the big
    8-0! I also got flowers and a rose plant…and lotions and balms, and a fantastic cake! I have been so thrilled this year, which makes up for many years when almost nobody did a thing! Love the food you had too!

    1. Wow Barbara!! What a brilliant milestone to achieve. I feel so inspired by you and your zest for life.

      Truly grateful for your visit and beautiful words.

      Happiest birthday and I wish you plenty of flowers, blooms, balms, lotions, good books, and abundance of good health, and love from your dear ones.

      So glad to have met you. <3 <3

  8. What a beautiful birthday you had. I remember my 50th. In a few days I’ll be 71. I’ve had a great life too. We are both so very blessed, sweet Natasha.

    ♪♫Happy Birthday to you,♪♫
    ♪♫Happy Birthday to you,♪♫
    ♪♫Happy Birthday Dear Natasha,♪♫
    ♪♫Happy Birthday to you.♪♫

    Have a blessed day and weekend, my friend. Love and hugs. ♥
    Sandee recently posted…Feline FridayMy Profile

    1. I completely agree with you my dear Sandee. Truly blessed.
      When is your 71st birthday?
      I wish you golden days of sunshine, love, light and laughter and loads of happy birthday wishes in advance.
      (and we both are Virgos, aren’t we. No wonder the love! :-))

      So love your zest for life and all the beautiful joy imparting posts that you share with us.

      Sending you a plenty of birthday wishes and bouquets full of love. xoxo <3 <3
      Stay fabulous, dearest.
      Big hugs <3

  9. What a beautiful and blessed birthday you had, Natasha. To be amidst family, indulging and basking in all their pampering is just so lovely…and sharing gratitude with others, makes it absolutely special. Wishing you loads of love, happiness and health dear. May life shower you with abundant blessings

    1. Yes, the gratitude part is key. Making it all the more special, dear Radhika.

      Thank you for the love and wishes. How have you been? How’s work?

      Have a lovely week ahead.

  10. Sounds like a wonderful Golden Birthday, a celebration that lasted the entire day and beyond! I’m sure going out solo would have been fine, but there is something special about being pampered by family and friends 🙂 A late Happy Birthday!

    1. Yes, this time on I think I wished to be surrounded by loved ones. I have done a few solos in the past so thought it could wait. 🙂

      Thank you for the warm wishes dear Trent. 🙂

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