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Spring Vignettes : #WordlessWednesday

  Spring Vignettes         Here are a few beautiful lines from my all time favourite writer, Khalil Gibran (1883-1931), whose writings have given me solace even as a youngster. I have recently been reading a compilation of his verses called "The Little Book of Life" by Neil Douglas Klotz. You may want to … Continue reading Spring Vignettes : #WordlessWednesday

Mystery Of the Flowers: #FridayFictioneers

      Story # 1:   Amanda returns from work, to her new home to see two pretty bouquets adorning the dining table. The dainty one reads, “To the worlds most gorgeous woman, love you more-Rohit” The note on bigger bouquet reads, “From your Secret Admirer” Amanda is flummoxed. Rohit walks in and kisses … Continue reading Mystery Of the Flowers: #FridayFictioneers