Adieu Autumn Flowers: #WordlessWednesday #WednesdayWisdom

Adieu Autumn Flowers: #WordlessWednesday #WednesdayWisdom


“Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let go of things.”

– Unknown


Wildflowers - sunflowers
Wild sunflowers that dot our local landscape. Unpretentious and enchanting.


Stand alone sunshine.


Wildflowers-sunflowers on a roadside
Standing steadfast and spreading the light.



Oleander- pink
The pink Oleander never fails to win many a hearts. Dotted on our road dividers, I once greeted them on a cycling jaunt too.



Silk Cotton- flowers
The stunning Silk Cotton, bares it’s soul to us, unabashedly.



Night Jasmines- Frangipani
Night Jasmines or Shiuli with their intoxicating fragrance, are my best friends. I gather them each morning from the ground beneath the trees, where they have fallen, but risen in our hearts; to enchant and to enthral. And then there are the Frangipanis, our timeless beauties.



Pink Oleander- cyclist
It’s okay, I suppose; if I call myself, an Oleander girl! 🙂 On one of my cycling jaunts.




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49 thoughts on “Adieu Autumn Flowers: #WordlessWednesday #WednesdayWisdom

    1. Totally are Shilpa. Sorry I’m late but heading to your post in a bit.

      Yeah those wild sunflowers look so radiant by the countryside and the dusty roads!

    1. So glad to see you on #WW dear Vinitha.
      Yes those are my favourite too- Night Jasmines or Harsingaars or Paarijaat.
      Their heady fragrance and wispy delicate petals enchant like no other!

    1. Yes and I love the winters for the myriad vegetables that land up on our table and the cosy comfort of our blankets!

      It’s good to see you here too dear Betty.

    1. Dearest, those aren’t dandelions. Some wild sunflowers actually.

      But yes I love Dandelions too! The much ignored yet such a valuable plant!
      Lovely poem there!♥️

    1. Dear Yvonne, wonderful to see you again!
      Yes, ours are also on their way out almost!
      I can imagine the lovely seed heads and berries. Thank you for joining me on #WW

  1. Hello my dear sweetness from the other side of the world! My side is in turmoil due to the voting and no one thinks that anyone is right. It’s really quite sad because the way I see it is if the Democrats win our taxes will go sky high because they’re all money hungry or something and we’re sure to lose our home. My husband and I are both retired now. He took an early retirement to take care of me. You see I’m disabled now (long story – due to a doctor’s goof that he won’t admit). Anyway, yes… the democrats are money hungry and the republicans are not as powerful as them… aughhhhhh it’s a long sad story. I just sit here and pray and pray! If the Republicans get out of office the way I see it… our country will definitely go broke to say the very least. It’s a sad day, but there may be a slim chance if our President gets re-elected. As I sit here and pray… and pray…. and pray!!! Thank you for all the wonderful photos and putting a smile on my face. You look wonderful on your bike. I use to love to ride my bike. Have a wonderful day. Thank you for making mine! HUGS… BIG HUGS… Stay healthy, stay safe and don’t forget that mask!!!
    Marie Moody aka XmasDolly recently posted…Autumn is here! WWMy Profile

    1. Hello Dear Marie,

      Hope you aren’t too sad with the results. We are really thrilled and sharing the Joe and Kamla duo!!
      Finally we feel America will see some light.
      Sorry I know you won’t agree.

      But we are still friends♥️♥️

      Take care and be well and see you real soon!

  2. Beautiful! The flowers here are gone, the last blooming in October, and we are heading towards winter. Still bicycling weather, though 😉

    1. Bicycling weather is the best! It’s gotten way too smoggy here with the air quality hitting insane levels, so we are staying holed up at home. So it’s adieu bicycling for now. Sigh!

    1. Thanks dearmost Diana, always lovely to see you in my neck of woods.

      I’m sure your Oleander will flower in good time.

      Wishing you much happiness and peace always my dear friend. Lovely to see your post as always. ♥️

  3. Beautiful autumn parting! We will remember how beautiful she is: the colors of flowers and … bicycles! ☺

    Have a nice day, Natasha!

  4. The flowers are beautiful. I almost lost my Jasmine last winter. Even though we wrapped it in fleece the frost and ice almost killed it. It struggled to produce a very few flowers through the summer, but now the greenery is growing back. We struggled with it’s big pot and managed to move it into the greenhouse last week so hopefully it will have a better winter in there.
    Jackie’s Photo Blog. recently posted…Wordless Wednesday – Memorial Garden.My Profile

    1. I’m so happy to hear how hard you worked to save your Jasmine plant, dear Jackie. Kudos to you. I am sure it will gift you with its sweet smelling flowers in no time.
      Glad to see you here on #WW.

  5. What a great selection of flowers and what a strong happy healthy looking ‘Oleander Girl’.

    They grow like weeds here as well. I’ve just cut several back after they flowered and know they’ll be back up again in no time.

    More fun with my #wordlesswednesday post. I’m hoping our next winter isn’t that cold….not sure I could have it finished by then
    Cathy recently posted…Little boys and baby girls…..My Profile

    1. Thank you dear Cathy for your peppy posts always.
      Same here, I notice how they grow like wildflowers here too!

      It’s getting cold here and very smoggy. The air quality is so bad that we are staying indoors.
      It’s that time of the year when the farmers burn their crops and the smoke turns the entire landscape smoky and dark!
      Very daunting but we don’t have a choice.

      Take care and I hope your winter doesn’t turn out to be too cold.
      Happy tidings!✨

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