The Hidden Life of Trees: #WordlessWednesday #WednesdayWisdom

The Hidden Life of Trees: #WordlessWednesday #WednesdayWisdom

“A tree’s most important means of staying connected to other trees is a “wood wide web” of soil fungi that connects vegetation in an intimate network that allows the sharing of an enormous amount of information and goods.”

Tim Flannery, The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They Communicate – Discoveries from a Secret World


Tree trunk
Gnarled, calloused in some places; yet steady, strong and gorgeous.



I was awe-struck by these unique patterns. Tells us something about the tree does it?



Tree trunk and branches
Notice the dual striations and solid yet smallish thorns. Can anyone identify the tree please. 🙂



Banyan tree
The old bearded man with his thriving dreadlocks


Banyan-Tree- hanging-roots
Or a bunch of bearded sages in a communion or sorts?



Buddhism sees Frangipani as a symbol of new life and renewal.


The Hidden Life of Trees


When you know that trees experience pain and have memories and that tree parents live together with their children, then you can no longer just chop them down and disrupt their lives with larger machines.” ― Peter Wohlleben, The Hidden Life of… Click To Tweet


The Hidden Life of Trees is a book that you must get your hands on. I was gifted this unique book by my friend Suhana last year, and I in turn gifted it to my 22 year-old on her birthday, and recently a dear blogger friend. This marvellous book explores how scientific research reveals the extraordinary world of forests and how trees communicate with and care for each other.

The book illustrates how trees are like human families: tree parents live together with their children, communicate with them, support them as they grow, share nutrients with those sick or struggling, and even warn each other of any impending danger.

(this is a tiny excerpt shared from the book)

I am yet to read the Hidden Life of Trees, I must admit. I will, I know in good time, as I am as fascinated by trees as as much as  I am with other flora and fauna. And sometimes I feel I am a tree; one who wishes to scatter the goodness far and wide.

The Coming Months

Have a wonderful, safe rest of the week dear friends in blogosphere.

I wish you good times ahead as the festive season approaches.

As we approach the last quarter of this year, I intend to make #WordlessWednesday #WednesdayWisdom an alternate week linky party. I’m sure all of you will have plans for the upcoming festive season. Plans to make it special. We all have had a rough year and we so deserve some happier times ahead.

I have some plans too, apart from the festivities and hope to see it through during this time while #WW becomes an alternate week link up. 


But who knows if I miss the weekly blog hop too much I may just return in November. But for now Que sera sera! 🙂 <3


Love, light, laughter and goodness.




Sometimes I feel I am a tree; one who wishes to scatter the goodness far and wide. Click To Tweet




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38 thoughts on “The Hidden Life of Trees: #WordlessWednesday #WednesdayWisdom

    1. Dearest Diana,

      Very much around. Was on a break, but now back. #WW will be an alternate week link up now onwards for sometime.

      Thanks for your lovely warm hug. I experienced it through ether. 🙂
      Back at you <3 #WW will be back tomorrow evening IST.
      Love <3

  1. The trees are so interesting. I often think they get overlooked when people hike through the woods. People are so often looking for birds, or animals, but the trees can be amazing as well. And that flower! WOW!

  2. Beautiful captures, Natasha. And, a lovely post as always!
    I’m not much into identifying plants by the trunk/bark but this one with the thorns seems like Ceiba pentandra/Kapok/Silk Cotton tree.
    I’ve always believed and known to some extent that plants are as much ‘alive’ as the animals. The book sounds interesting … something i’m sure i’ll pick up. Thanks for sharing, Natasha.
    Have a fabulous #WW and a wonderful festive season. Cheers 🙂

  3. Amazing trees! You have captured their ‘hidden’ beauty so well! Hidden because one usually tends to admire the flowers forgetting that the trunk, bark, leaves, roots are equally stunning. I have the book by Peter Wohlleben and its a must have for every tree lover .. Great post as always and hope to catch up with you on alternate weeks!
    Archana recently posted…Circles and Lines ( Wordless Wednesday)My Profile

  4. I read something about how forests “work”. It’s amazing!
    Some people have no compassion for trees, but neither for humans compassion.
    The tree with those green lines is very interesting. I also like the one with the “beard”. ☺️
    Happy WW, dear Natasha! ❤️ Happy autumn!

  5. Always love your posts, Natasha. Everything in nature is alive and it hurts to see them suffer from what some people do to them sometimes. That is a very special tree you found, it’s very well shaped, don’t you agree 😉 It seems that the green veins running through the tree trunk to show us it’s alive and protecting itself by its thorns. The other tree looks funny and spooky in a way 😀 Pawkisses for a Happy Wednesday and Week ahead ♥
    Little Binky and Granny recently posted…A Relaxed Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

  6. Ah! Naturally the frangipani flower caught my eye. What a delightful colour.
    The Hidden Life of Trees sounds like a fascinating book. And that’s such a beautiful quote you’ve shared. We should all be like the trees!

  7. I’d have loved to join in but you must have noticed my absence in the blogosphere. I have allowed my domain and bloghosting service to lapse hence my Mumbaionahigh URL ow points to a PORN SITE,

    Needless to say, I am horrified beyond belief and kept to myself for a while.

    I am now re-launching my blog on another URL, perhaps even under another name.

    I love trees and do feel that they do have lots to tell …. enjoy your holiday break.

  8. Extraordinary images with the trees. The idea of their networking is so special and real.
    Their energy is amazing. Thank you for these ideas and images, dear Natasha.
    Happy WW and fine days! Love and light! <3

  9. Lovely post, Natasha! And the tree pictures were amazing! I loved the captions you gave to each one of them. 🙂
    Trees symbolize the life force and wisdom to me! I’ve always felt connected to them for no apparent reason and I now realise how much I feel drawn to them, no matter how different the geographical denizens be.
    That book is a must-read, Natasha. I loved it and learned so much from it. Thanks for sharing it here.
    Good luck with the new blog hop, dear Natasha!

    Much love and tons of happy vibes,
    Esha recently posted…Time | #FictionMondayMy Profile

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