Wordy Wednesday #2 #BARWoWe: Magic?

Magic? I was fast asleep on my living room couch when I was jolted out of my slumber and lucid dreams at 2 am last night. The phone was ringing incessantly. I have no clue for how long it had been ringing as I was happily lulling in La-La land, mingling with the unicorns, fairies, elves… Read More Wordy Wednesday #2 #BARWoWe: Magic?


Of Egg Benedicts & Cappuccino Mornings

It’s a cold cold Friday morning. The air outside is fogged out partially. But good enough to see the silhouettes of the trees and the sprawling locality facing the dining area window. I peer out of the misty window pane. Yesss! It’s Friday again. Another weekend. And I have a breakfast date with my 18-year-old daughter-friend. … Read More Of Egg Benedicts & Cappuccino Mornings


Let’s Get It Started

2017 arrived without much ado and fanfare. We brought in a quiet New Year eve, in the cosy confines of our home. while the girls were away. Yes, all primed up, savouring some incredible Lamb Roast, Lebanese bread and salads while sipping on our glasses of cheer. New Year’s day breakfast was Nihari and bread. The… Read More Let’s Get It Started

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When in God’s Own Country: Part 1

It was that time of the year when the sweetness of the spring was merging with the balmy summer. The board exams were done and dusted with. It was time to take off on a long cherished vacation and what better place than Kerela, God’s Own Country in South India. My dream destination for many… Read More When in God’s Own Country: Part 1


~~My Will ‘O Wisp Spring~~

Oh! Spring, spring, What shall you bring? Wispy clouds with silver linings Balmy breeze that seem to be dancing A cuckoo bird flapping its wings Melancholic hearts that sing Riot of colours suddenly bursting Frolicking souls giving in A star spangled night whispering Many a hearts entwining Little daisies simply smiling Yet another new beginning… Read More ~~My Will ‘O Wisp Spring~~


Burn Baby Burn

“This is my Year! It’s going to be All Mine! This is My Year!!” Proclaimed Lucy Van Pelt, of the Peanuts Comic strip. And so did I!! 2015 will be my year. That’s what I kept reiterating as 2014 came to a meandering end. I heaved a sigh of relief as I bade it a… Read More Burn Baby Burn


Strong & Silent: Cotton Story

Silence is golden and who knows it better than our four legged furry friends. It is fleetingly that they communicate their joy or displeasure by barking, growling or whining. This applies more so to my just turned 8, furry girl Cotton who is more often than not, very calm and reticent. The only time she… Read More Strong & Silent: Cotton Story



December 2, 2005 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Abhishek is the kid brother I never had. As I rewind back to the muggy monsoon of 2004, memories of Abhishek and I sharing a raucous laugh on the dilemmas of life; ring true. It was one of those days when Abhishek had come home from his break. He was doing… Read More OBKEK


Let’s Ubuntu

September was serendipitous. I was taking my Buddhism Level 2 exam, which turned out to be a great leveller, actually. I learnt something innately profound and meaningful. It’s called “Boddhisatva Never Disparaging” which essentially means treating the entire humankind with respect irrespective of our difference. We sometimes get judgemental of people. And we let our… Read More Let’s Ubuntu


The Black Letter Day

  Sixteenth Day of December 2014 was supposed to be one of those pre-Christmas day weeks when most of us brace up for the arrival of Santa and his ilk. I spent the morning spring-cleaning. Tidied up my 6 year olds cupboard, and while fixing one of the lofts found two huge teddy bears tucked… Read More The Black Letter Day