Love in the times of Corona: #WordlessWednesday #WednesdayWisdom #YeahWriteNonFiction

Love in the times of Corona: #WordlessWednesday #WednesdayWisdom #YeahWriteNonFiction

Redefining Love in the times of corona

The other day I was on Twitter after a longish hiatus. I was thoroughly amused by this tweet by @sarahfarooqui20  Here’s what she said:

“Some one should write Love in the Times of Corona. A poignant tale of love and longing in a masked world, embittered with social distance.”

Most of us have read or heard of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s masterpiece, “Love in the times of Cholera.”  Inspired by Sarah Farooqui’s quote I thought this would make for an ideal piece. Even though my take might just vary from hers. So here goes.

How about creating our very own version “Love in the Times of Corona.”


Our modern society is caught in a time wrap, bereft of emoting enough, and has slowly but surely turned distant and alien towards simple things that brought them joy. We are caught in the dog eat dog world, chasing our targets whether at work or in life, or running after unknown means to keep us “happy”.

Internet has paved way for phenomenal amounts of social distancing, to say the least. All we now needed was a virus to give us more reasons to be socially distant!

But here’s the good thing. Here’s how we can create “Love in the Times of Corona.”

We don’t need to distance ourselves from our families (provided they aren’t carriers themselves). Yes, I guess over the years there has developed a gaping chasm between families alike, thanks to the onslaught of internet and media, the busyness of life per say and our sky- rocketing stress-anxiety levels..

Love in the times of Corona translates to actually spending valuable time with the family. Here’s how:

  1. Time to Bond and have conversations, rustle up interesting meals, play board games, spend DEAR time (drop Everything to Read), declutter spaces that got overlooked or put on to the back burner, garden and plant love, and give our homes a brand new, refurbished look.


2. Make  art and craft and love too, guys. Confinement you see ain’t so bad. Bring that creativity back with a bang. Sketch, paint, zentangle. Write, journal. Maybe write the book of poetry you always intended to. Do whatever stokes your over active, imaginative mind.

3. And how about copious doses of “self-love” in the times of Corona? Spending me-time, pampering our inner goddesses and Greek Gods alike. A spa at home, spent self pampering is a fairly good idea too, amidst scented candles and a one-off warm dip in the tub (save the water will you!). Soak in the joy and love and watch all the fears and unwarranted thoughts about Corona melt away. Grab the Corona beer if you please, and watch some Netflix/Hotstar all by yourself.


4. And for chrissake get off social media – Whataspp, Facebook, Twitter, Insta. Stop reading all the unnecessary news meant to make you panic further. And if you do get on to these mediums,  channelise only a few moments from your precious time spent at home, under the guise of quarantine and love.

I deleted my Whatsapp messenger for 3 days, only to log back on Monday, as work beckoned. And given the “work out of home” policy, that’s the only way to stay in tune.

5. Let’s spread love, and refrain from endlessly discussing or posting about the virus. There are better things to discuss. When we curb that instinct to share, it proves to be an effective tool to distance our selves from the impact. It quells our fears and makes the pandemic less larger than life. It curbs an invitation to come and attach with you.


6. Mediate, pray, chant. Good vibes only.  Envelope the world with healing and positive energies. And exercise out of home, or get some fresh air amidst the greenery.

Come, let’s practise “Love in the times of Corona.”

I got this lovely message from a dear friend who I hadn’t spoken to in more than a year:

“Hi Natasha, Please take care. Stay safe and healthy.”

That was one of the sweetest messages in a while. Reiterating that there were friends and family watching out for us.

“It was the time when they loved each other best, without hurry or excess, when both were most conscious of and grateful for their incredible victories over adversity. Life would still present them with other mortal trails, of course, but that no longer mattered: they were on the other shore. ”

Gabriel García Márquez, Love in the Time of Cholera





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40 thoughts on “Love in the times of Corona: #WordlessWednesday #WednesdayWisdom #YeahWriteNonFiction

  1. There is a lot we can do in these times. I think it’s important to accept the change and adapt. Your post is a good reminder and at a time when most people need it the most.
    I am though worried about extroverts and people in abusive households. Life needs to get back to normal.
    That picture, Natasha is super cute!

  2. These are some wonderful things to keep us occupied during this tough time. Maybe mother earth Is showing us how frail and minuscule we humans are. All it takes is a microscopic virus to shut us inside the four walls. I hope that we come out of it a bit more considerate for each other and toward nature. I hope our kids derive valuable lessons from this time and grow more appreciative and responsible of the world.

    1. So well said Vinitha. Everything happens for a reason and for a higher purpose. We can’t keep exploiting the earth forever and expecting it to keep giving us back. Somewhere the earth needed to push back and teach us a lesson. A harsh one at that.

      Stay safe. Love

  3. You’ve got some interesting strategies here that will be handy for people who are concerned about the boredom of being isolated from friends and workmates.

    I have a different perspective. As someone who has always lived far away from my extended family (and sometimes from my parents and siblings too) I’ve found the internet a boon in keeping in touch with everyone. Rather than isolating us further, it’s helped to bring us closer. I’m reconnecting with cousins in ways I hadn’t expected to because of our ability to so quickly and easily catch up. Similarly, I have friends all over the world and social media, email, and telecommunications apps keep us connected in ways that letter-writing couldn’t. These forms of communication helped me immensely when I moved countries with my family and had no friends, no connections, no family in the city we moved to. They were a lifeline.

    Like Sanchie, I also worry about people’s mental and physical health in all of this. My concern is more for people who live in violent or abusive situations. There will be little respite for them if they’re shut in with their abusers. And for folks who can’t work from home, who won’t get paid if they don’t go to their workplaces (and expose themselves to contagion). So many people are going to be adversely affected, but limiting the spread of this virus is paramount to keeping societies’ most vulnerable safe, and I think the internet is going to provide some sources of connection and comfort, and possibly even some safety for many people.

    It’s easy to dismiss something we mostly take for granted, and that can be a burden on our time poor lives. For some people though, this may be their only source of connection to and information from a wider world.

    1. Thank you Aaah, for writing in. Well, you got me wrong.
      I wasn’t dismissing the internet, all I was asking of us not to feed on fake news which have been circulating and doing the rounds of various social media.

      I work as a content writer and my major work is digital and social media, so I appreciate it’s importance but not at the risk of “making the virus our be all and end all.”
      There are other things to do and keep oneself engaged with.

      Like you even I have been getting on video calls with friends and family I have had to socially distance with. So yes, thanks to the internet we aren’t as disconnected as people would have been during the Spanish flu and Bubonic plague.

      Thank you for stopping by.

  4. I hear what you’re saying and I have seen this and versions of this doing the rounds on social media. The thing is, not everyone is fortunate to live with family or friends. There are people who live on their own. Or there are people with dysfunctional and abusive families who will now be stuck. I agree it’s a pandemic. I agree precuations need to be taken. But I also wonder, at what cost. What about people’s mental health? And yes, while we are fortunate to have technology, the human connection continues to be missing for those who will be forced to stay at home from work and life. I have gone off social media and stopped all my notifications because I got sick of all the ‘stay positive’ shit on one hand and the constant panic on the other. I’ll admit the memes are great! I’m curious to see what the mental health outcomes of all this will be but I doubt they will ever report that. The suicides. The increase in OCD. The increase in depression and anxiety disorders.

    1. Dear Sanch,

      I hear you. It’s easier said than done. Especially for people like me who have a family to back them up and are not left to their own devices.

      It’s heart wrenching to imagine how many people who are all by themselves or in abusive relationships with dysfunctional families might be coping.
      But Im trying to stay hopeful by keeping them in my prayers and hoping things may just turn for the best for them. Again easier said than done.

      But hope is the beginning.

      Please take care and stay safe. Love and light!

  5. As you predict, I’ve been reading the news unceasingly — but managed to start watching a new series on Netflix,whichI linked to your list of distractions.

    best… mae at

  6. Excellent advice for troubled times. Thanks, Natasha! I hope you and your family are doing well. My clients have all cancelled due to the virus and my husband took the week off to help, as we were supposed to have a house full of dogs. Ironic, eh? 😀 Just the two of us hanging out, doing some spring cleaning, taking walks in the park. It’s not so bad. Cheers!

  7. Thank you very much, Natasha for all these ideas. ‘Love and Light’, as you said on my blog and good vibes to share everywhere it is a solution in which I believe! And it is strong if we are many!
    Happy WW, with health and joy, dear Natasha!

    ps. I put your blog in my blog list, so I know when you have something new!

    1. How lovely is that Suzana. Thank you so much. I love visiting your blog and reading all the unique posts too. 🙂

      Have a blessed week ahead.

  8. How true! I strongly believe that God allowed this to happen to return us to our true priorities — to the God who loves us, our families and the friends He has given us.

    Stay safe, my friend!

  9. Such a lovely thought, Natz. I wrote about Life in the times of Corona in my last post 🙂

    For me this time is all about self-reflection, self-care and spending time with the people I love. My cooking, painting and gardening skills are being used to the max too 🙂

    Stay safe, Natz! Lots of love <3

  10. Such a nice post. Thanks for sharing it. All we can do is be positive and make sure we all get through this. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you have a wonderful week.

  11. True. There is so much we can do to stay positive and occupied while staying isolated. If only we focus on the right things, and keep away from the minute by minute corona updates on social media. Those make me really anxious. It’s the reason why I have blocked it on my phone now.

    Stay safe, N. Take care.

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