Love in the Time of Corona Part-2: #WordlessWednesday #WednesdayWisdom

Love in the Time of Corona Part-2: #WordlessWednesday #WednesdayWisdom

Love in the time of corona Part-2


**Long post alert** Please bear. 🙂





A therapeutic game of scrabble with mi familia



The older one dishes out Thai yellow curry with black sticky rice


Our favourite ‘soupy noodles” dished out by DH over the weekend


Our terrace blooms that add such a power packed dose of cheer


These surely made me smile. In love with nature’s creativity.
Our lillies have been our closest friends year, after year. Not failing to bloom each spring.


Can you spot the tiny grapes? They are back again this year.


After a few years of arduous attempts, we finally managed to have a crop of fruiting strawberries.


My altar


This is how quite our condo looks like on a Monday morning. Not a soul in sight. #QuarantineLife #Isolation


This is what I can control. Amen!




Yes, the virus has been devastating. And it continues to play havoc. It’s pay back time. When we exploit and defile nature, it gets back to us just the way it has now.

Yet, despite the havoc, I know many of us are reclaiming ourselves. As is Mother Nature. The birds are chirping louder than usual, the skies are an azure shade of glory, the air is cleaner and wildlife is thriving. Families are reconnecting, working hand in hand, as one big team.

I’ve been used to WFH (Work from Home) as I go to my workplace just once-twice a week. So apparently things aren’t much different, except that all four of us are here together at home now. It does feel good. And as of now we haven’t managed to get on each others nerves. Touche’. So far, so good!

Life in Time of Corona

After reading Sanchie’s comment on my last week’s #WW post, a small realisation also dawned. Not all of us have secure families to back us up.  My heart goes out for those living alone or in solitary confinement, in abusive, dysfunctional families, or for the elderly who have no one to stand by them. My eighty year-old father is also all by himself, quarantined; as he had to travel on work. I wish I could be there for him.

My heart also goes out to our doctors and medical staff who are striving relentlessly day and night, putting their lives at stake.

All these people are in my prayers every single day. As is the global community at larger. It’s probably the first time we are all coming together as world citizens. We are the world, indeed. 🙂

Amidst the lockdown (yes, India is under complete lockdown) starting midnight for 21-days, as just announced by our Prime Minister.

Here are some glimpses of joy and love that keep me going in the time of Corona. I’m sharing these snippets as they are helping me hold on to precious life and be grateful for all that we have. Hopefully they will give you a glimmer of hope, wherever and however you are.

Please remember to stay safe, and in isolation. We are doing just that here. My healing prayers going out to all of you out there. Much, much love, light, good health and hope always.

Be blessed xoxo


Wrapping up with a very hopeful piece of poetry a dear writer friend wrote. It just came to me as I finished writing this post. Another glimmer of hope. Sharing it with all of you with her kind permission.


The Chirping of the Birds


There was the smell of wood smoke,

And the jubilant chirping of birds

As a lone sweeper swept yellowed leaves

Swish, swish her broom went

Ringing out in the morning quiet.


Silence, all around, but for the occasional

Groans of skeletal buses

That grudgingly crawled up the flyway,

And the heart stopping piercing wails

Of an ambulance as it raced down.


The world has stopped spinning.

It stands frozen, tilted on its axis,

And with it, mankind is off balance,

Unable to embrace the infinite universe

Unseeing of silver linings and twinkling stars


Wrapped tight in a shroud of uncertainty

We gasp for air.

But hark, nature is healing, the world about to re-spin.

A new day will come for sure

Bringing a day like we have never known.


For sure, scattered with bodies and scars,

A planet we don’t recognize,

A life as we have never lived, 

An existence changed forever.

Forsooth , nature will now heal herself.


She will be the vengeful Durga

She will be Yam astride a dark beast,

She will bloom like the lotus,

And annihilate the irreverent like Shiva,

She will once again be Brahma and create anew.


But while we wait for this inevitable

With folded hands, let us embrace one another

Let us sing and dance and pray,

Slay the dragon within us

Let us try hear the chirping of the birds…

(c) Rupa Manga

Tuesday, March 24th 2020.




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23 thoughts on “Love in the Time of Corona Part-2: #WordlessWednesday #WednesdayWisdom

  1. This is a lovely post Natasha. I loved reading it and the your garden is amazing. My daughter would love to see those blooming strawberries. I love scrabble and it was our favorite during the 2015 floods in Chennai. Yet another time mother nature throws her warnings on us in a polite way. Your garden made me smile. We need to pray for all those who need a lot of healing during this time. You are right, Natasha. Sending hugs and prayers to all the people.

    1. Yes, praying fervently for the earth to heal, every single day.
      I’m so glad my terrace garden pictures made you happy.

      You take good care to Jayanthy.

  2. The pictures are beautiful and will go a long way in cheering you up.
    Yes, we need to be grateful for what we have. Every day I wonder how those less privileged must manage, how the stray animals must be surviving. All for no fault of theirs they have to suffer because of our mistakes.
    That video on Mother Nature is so powerful! I had goosebumps the first time I saw it! So true, isn’t it? We need our earth and yet here we are, ruining it with our carelessness. That’s the reason we are suffering today. 🙁

    1. Couldn’t agree more with you Shilpa. We keep abusing Mother Earth till she throws her arms in despair and chooses us to teach a lesson. But I do hope we learn something from this pandemic and not go back to our old selves.

      Enough destruction already done. Now is the time to heal the other.

      I know like you I feel sorry for the strays and so many other people who are battling this out. It’s a heart-wrenching situation. Last evening I bought some rice and dog food and dropped it at the shelter where they feed the strays across the area.
      I’m also trying to feed this little mongrel who has come and made our tower its home. We have named her Khushi.

      Please take care and stay safe, Shilpa. Lovely to hear from you. Much love. <3

  3. Beautiful pictures, Natasha. It’s good to see these nice photos in this difficult time.
    I think of all the people who lost jobs during this terrible time and those in the medical field who are working tirelessly. At the moment the whole world is focussed on coronavirus. But there are people dealing with much terrible problems along with this. I felt absolutely helpless when a friend from my school lost her husband due to liver failure. Right now, we are complaining about isolation and not getting groceries as we used to, but there are other problems too which we are not battling but many other people are.
    I am grateful for all the good things in my life. Sorry for the ramble, Natasha.

    1. Don’t worry at all Vinitha. I’m glad you can come here and express what you are feeling. Take care and stay safe.

      We are really privileged to be leading a comfortable life amidst the pandemic. There are innumerable migrant workers who have literally been rendered homeless here in India and they are walking thousands of miles back home.

      We should all try to count our blessings and learn to enjoy the gifts that have come our way with isolation. No everyone is as fortunate.

      Hope you are staying safe and indoors. Lots of love.

  4. Love the flowers blooming on your terrace! And all that yummy food. I’m really enjoying this lock down too. There’s an ease and flow to my days that was missing when it was “life as usual”. And I realise just how privileged I am to be saying this. There are many who have been really hard hit by the fallout of this pandemic. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of them.

    1. Absolutely hear you Shinjini. We are blessed to be living in our privileged bubbles.
      And especially for ambiverts and introverts the “stay at home” is nothing out of the ordinary. Like you I am also enjoying the ease and flow to my day, minus the mounting to-do list and things I had to do outside of home.
      Very happy to stay indoors. So far so good, time will tell. 🙂

  5. What a nice post and all that lovely food I do love a game of Scrabble

    The flowers look nice too nice clear photos 🙂

    Have a bloomingtastic week and stay safe 🙂

  6. A beautiful and thoughful post, thanks for sharing it. We need all the positive we can get these days. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you ahd your family are safe and healthy.

  7. Thank you for images, ideas, your love and light! There are precious, you have no idea how much!
    Be safe and well, you and everybody around you!
    Good and positive thoughts from Suzana!

  8. The pictures are wonderful! Inspire love. I like scrabble a lot – and strawberries! 🙂
    And my thought is also for those who are alone, who are sick, who are in dysfunctional families… Thank you for thinking of them.
    Thank you! Be blessed too, dear Natasha! Stay safe.

    1. Yes, they are Keith. The Gerberas are blooming as though there is no tomorrow.
      Yes, we need an ample dose of positivity in these grave times. Ad friends like you add to it. Thank you. 🙂

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