In Love With The Canopy of Reds: #ThursdayTreeLove – 44

In Love With The Canopy of Reds: #ThursdayTreeLove – 44

In Love With The Canopy of Reds


“Trees are the earth’s endless effort to speak to the listening heaven.”-  Rabindranath Tagore


On city walk to the wondrous  city of Dehradun, I chanced upon these canopy of creepers . The creepers entwined themselves in a circle of love, on the magnificent trees above. The hanging, red blooms swept me off my feet with their mesmerising dance of red. As they bobbed above my head, and the gentle breeze kissed them from far and near, I stood there enchanted and enthralled, by the glorious creation of Mother Nature. 




Linking up with the gorgeous, Parul Thakur for #ThursdayTreeLove-44.


13 thoughts on “In Love With The Canopy of Reds: #ThursdayTreeLove – 44

  1. That is so beautiful. They look familiar but I am not sure if I have seen them or is it my happy imagination. 🙂
    So happy to see you join Natasha after a long time. Thank you for joining.
    Btw – you look gorgeous! 🙂

  2. Treemendous!! I suspect those are creepers growing on some trees.. whatever maybe the case, this must have been a wonderful place to stand!!

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