Istanbul’u seviyorum – I love Istanbul | Wordless Wednesday

Istanbul’u seviyorum – I love Istanbul | Wordless Wednesday

“If the Earth were a single state, Istanbul would be its capital.” 

Napoleon Bonaparte

Istanbul’u seviyorum – I love Istanbul


Ekmek, the Turkish bread has lots of takers. This is at the Haiga Sophia, Blue Mosque and Topkapi grounds of Fatih, Istanbul. While the tourists bustle around exploring these enchanting monuments and their relics; a lone, well fed doggo has his priorities right. “Let sleeping dogs lie.” 🙂


blue-mosque-tourists-istanbul-blue sky
The Blue Mosque amidst a backdrop of an azure, clear sky. Tourists brace themselves to explore the rich historical heritage of the European side of Istanbul.


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“Either I conquer Istanbul or Istanbul conquers me.”

Fatih Sultan Mehmet


The Topkapi palace grounds. Believed to be the largest and oldest surviving palaces in the world. A place of incredible historical relevance; of wars, of opulence and the fall and rise of an empire. Built in 1465 Topkapi has housed countless Sultans, helpers, concubines, and royal family members. The palace was home to Ottoman sultans for over 400 years. The orb of angelic yellow shines on; a witness of the time when history was being made, relinquished and still continues to be shaped.


A view of the stunning Bosphorus from the Topkapi palace.


Do you see the angel over the blue Marmara sea, in the stunning, azure sky?


In the alleys of Sultanahmet – European side of Istanbul; stood this lovely dessert café that served one the best Baklavas and Borek (a pastry made of flaky dough) and yes, Turkish coffee too. Post dinner, the DH and I had this ritual of entwining our fingers and strolling across these alleys. We would wind-up our walks with a “night cap” of lip-smacking pistachio Baklavas, Borek and a shot of Turkish coffee for DH. The coffee would be lovingly served in a tiny, hand-painted porcelain cup and saucer, along with a tiny cup of warm water, to ease the strong flavours of chicory.


ancient-tree-topkapi-maple-standing under an old tree
This ancient Maple tree might have been as old as the Ottoman and Byzantine empire. It would have witnessed many an eras pass by and withstood the test of time. I fell in love with its all enveloping, cheery character. Its curved, ageing yet resilient and young canopy was blessing the passers by and tourists with its graceful hues.


“Istanbul is a magical seal which unites Europe and Asia since the ancient times. Without a doubt, Istanbul is certainly the most beautiful place of the world.”

Gerard De Nerval



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32 thoughts on “Istanbul’u seviyorum – I love Istanbul | Wordless Wednesday

  1. I’ve never been there, so it is an absolutely pleasure this post, with all your
    images. And that pyramidal entrance inside the Maple tree is amazing.
    Lovely trip. Thank you a lot that you showed us the atmosphere of this special
    place. I think you’ve enjoyed every minute of being there.
    All the best, dear Natasha!
    Love, light and joy!

    1. I can imagine your cravings. I can go back again and again to this stunning country.

      In all possibility I could live there. No #WW this week Keith?

      1. I’ve seen much of the world, but the one place that I really wished I could have lived was always Jaipur.

        The first week in years that I’ve not WW’d – apart from when I’ve been on holiday! I’ll be back next week, I give you my word(less!)!
        Keith’s Ramblings recently posted…My half-dozen…My Profile

        1. Wow, it’s right next door (4/5 hours) from where I live.

          Yes I find Jaipur culturally very rich, green in many parts. Such beautiful artefacts, potteries and clothing. The former two similar to Istanbul and I love the culture and family dynamics in Turkey.
          Much like what we have in India.

          Ha! Ha! Look forward.

  2. Nice to see you here again, dear Natasha! <3
    I understand that you had a very nice trip! Thank you for these wonderful pictures and information.
    I like the song very much!
    I wish you days full of light! <3 I hug you with love! <3

    1. Thanks my dear Di. <3 I have missed my friends in blogosphere dearly and feels good to be back just a few days before the blogiversary.

      Sending you love and light and cosy days and night these wonderful winters. <3 <3

    1. You said it Sadje. It felt like some sort of homecoming for me. Loved visting the Taksim mosque and being part of the aazan.

      The Aazan calls I can never forget, as they turned out to be a constant reminder thank grace for our breath and more. 🙂


    1. I’m glad you could through my eyes. So good to see you here.

      I had intended to travel to Istanbul/Turkey 5 years ago, among other places – featured in my first book Travel Epiphanies. So dreams do turn into reality. 🙂

      I’ll try to share more posts in the coming days, so you can see more of this beautiful country. And who knows you might just visit. 🙂

    1. Dear Dear Ken,

      Happy to see you here.
      And just glad you are staying cheery, hale and hearty.

      I saw the angel only when I uploaded this image, not when I clicked it.

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