The Early Bird Catches the Worm

The Early Bird Catches the Worm

“I think we consider too much the good luck of the early bird and not enough the bad luck of the early worm.”

– Franklin D. Roosevelt


The Early Bird Catches the Worm


I share with you images from our birding walk, from three different locations explored between March and April. The images, of course I credit whole-heartedly to my 14-year-old daughter, who has an eye for detail and the passion and patience to capture all things wild and wondrous on her Canon.

And, yes, indeed the early bird catches the worm, and all the images I share today are a true testament, to that and more. Better luck to the worm next time. 😉

This post will be a two-part series, as I do not wish to inundate you with way too many images. The final of series will be from our birding walk early this month. This one will captures the migratory birds that will soon be homeward bound.  

Early Morning Glory


We begin with our birding walk to Bhondsi Nature park, in Gurgaon, Haryana, National Capital Region. We were out looking for the migratory Fire-Capped Tit, but arrived tad late so missed the “worm”. But these are some of the endearing avian wonders that we came by.


Bird-Red-Breasted Flycatcher
The Red-Breasted Flycatcher was way up in the branches looking out for breakfast


Bird-Red-Breasted Flycatcher
We liked how it look so settled and smug in its natural setting, breakfast or no breakfast.



Bird-Red-Breasted Flycatcher
Such a cutie patootie right?


Swamp Hen-White-Breasted Swamphen
We were besotted by the graceful White-Breasted Water Hen. I believe it was lifer for both of us. Lifer is a species ones sees for the first time in the wild, for the uninitiated. The stunner would put Michael Jackson to shame with its moon walk.


Birds-Bhraminy Starlings
A pair of Brahminy Starlings. One might be a juvenile. They are the regulars here, at the parking lot. And we have had the good fortune of seeing their nest – a hole on the tree trunk, on quite a few occasions.


Bird-Parakeet-Plum -Headed Parakeet
The Plum-Headed Parakeets seemed joyous and frolicky and their shrill calls resounded, breaking the subtle stillness of the morning.


Birds-Parakeets-Plum-Headed Parakeets
Seems Mr found his Mrs. Mr is the plum-headed guy, Mrs is the one with a lighter shade of head gear!

An Impromptu Walk in the Park


Our next destination, late March was the Aravalli Biodiversity park, in the National capital Region, Delhi.

This walk happened by fluke. I was headed to another forest, and I had asked dotty dearest to come with me. Nothing like a forest walk, you see. We were waiting for someone who got late, so we ended up in this wild habitat just by chance. A very well timed, delay, I must admit.

This beautiful park used to be a mining site, which was reclaimed and re-wilded by the citizens of our city. We were privileged to be part of its tree plantation drive almost 13 years ago. Now this park is a thriving forest, and boasts of a wide -array of species from mammals, birds, butterflies to reptiles, and more. 

Greetings to the Lovely Residents


Bird-Indian Robin
An Indian Robin on the look out for an early worm?


Tree-Squirrel -Indian Palm Squirrel
An Indian Palm squirrel resting and getting ready to seize the day.


Squirrel-Indian Squirrel
Time to Carpe diem?


Squirrel-Indian Squirrel
Here’s looking at you too!


Dragon Fly
Give me a Dragon fly any day! I love these hovering beauties.


As we walked into one of the path-ways we chanced upon this cute, little juvenile Sunbird, feasting on nectar. It was a treat to watch this endearing sight.


Sun Bird
This is a Purple Sun Bird and a Juvenile Female at that. Sorry to inundate you with its multiple images.


Bird-Tree-Sun Bird
To flower or not to flower, that my friend is the question!


While we were busy ogling at the sunbird, I heard a rustle in the bushes. We looked down to see an Indian Hare scurrying around. This shy bunny was camouflaged way too well to gather a better shot than this, and a few others. But the good news is, it spent 15/20 leisurely minutes with us, and that was sweet and kind all at the same time. Giving us Easter blessings, I bet!


While we were trying to get a few good images of the Hare, we heard the calls of the Peacock. “Tui-awe”, “Tui-awe,” so it went. His gorgeousness – our national bird stood regally showing off its bedazzling plumage. Soon after  it pirouetted, and cat-walked into the pathway, to cross over to the other side of the thickets.


The Peacock struts away, possibly looking out for a Peahen (female). It’s interesting to see how most species of male birds are far more attractive than the females. Possibly nature created them in a way such as this, so they had better chances of wooing their lady love.


Bird-Barbet-Copper Smith Barbet
A Coppersmith Barbet, among the last of the species we admired, before we had to wrap up this impromptu walk.


Barbet-Copper Smith barbet
Did you know, the Coppersmith Barbet is named so because of its  metronomic call that sounds similar to a coppersmith striking metal with a hammer? This is a resident of the Indian sub-continent. We thereafter bid farewell to this lovely walk with a So long, farewell, till we meet again, song in our hearts.

On Part Two


I am “hoping” to post the second part of this series, “The early Bird Catches the Worm” next week. It has images from a walk to the wetlands of NCR that I went for, with darling dotty and a bunch of enthusiastic birders. One where we managed to see an array of birds, including several stunning migratory ones.

But, this promise is tad tentative, as I’m away to the forests next week, doing an advanced course in Animal Communication. 

If time permits I’d love to, else I’ll see you all week after next.

So, long! Adieu!

Love, Light and Joy,

Natasha ♥


All image credits: My 14-year-old


Today I have Phil Collins for you, a musician I grew up adoring. 


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Gratitude to everyone hosting. 🙂

35 thoughts on “The Early Bird Catches the Worm

  1. You “early birds” certainly captured some wonderful “worms”!

    I thoroughly enjoyed walking with you and spotting creatures never before encountered. Oh, to be able to visit India and see such delights! I have now reviewed the images three times and each time they seem even better.

    One more cup of coffee and one more image review.

    Thank you so much for sharing your adventures!

  2. Hello my dearest, How are you doing? Are you home yet or are you still on vacation? Anyway I’m hoppin’ around for Wordless Wednesday… sure hope you can stop by sometime! I haven’t been to bed yet, and I wanted to say Goodnight & I’ll be back tomorrow to say hello again! HUGS ALWAYS! Marie
    Marie Moody/aka Xmasdolly recently posted…Happy TuesdayMy Profile

    1. Hugs hugs Marie darlin’

      Yes, I’m back from the forests, and taking a breather to soak in the bliss I experienced. Will be back in blogosphere sooner than soonest. 🙂

      Till then wishing you good health and blessed tidings. Stay lovely. xox

      1. Love your choice of songs. It’s one of my favorites to say the least. So sorry I’m so late with this comment. I’ve been trying to learn what I use to know like the back of my hand. Doing blogs again, posting pictures, etc., etc., etc.. its like I have to go back to school and learn all over again, and its coming back very slowly I must say and its driving me bonkers!!!! grrrrrrrrrrr I use to know this stuff like the back of my hand! 🙁 HELP!!! Well, I got some help now!!! It’s our girlfriend Sandee and of course our lil’ southern belle Cathy who plays Monday’s Music Moves Me. She took over for me when I had my back surgery, and actually there were 2 surgeries and Cathy kept things going for me. She’s a real peach!!!! I missed everybody for sure and you special!!!! You should come play with us some time on Mondays there’s a freebies every other Monday, and the other Monday we tell you what the theme is. I think you’ve played before. Anyway my love my nephew is getting married next month and tomorrow I have to go by a new dress because of my surgery I lost weight so time to go shopping. I can’t be out to long, but my daughter is going to take me so I’ll be just fine. Anyway, it’s late and time for bed. See you in my dreams!!! Take care of you my love and always keep that wonderful smile of yours!!!! HUGS, MARIE
        Marie Moody recently posted…Monday’s Music Moves Me!My Profile

  3. Bliss! The daughter has done a wonderful job as always

    The baby sunny bird and RBFC are high up on the CutenessQuotient

    Enjoy the course and I am sure we will get an insight of it too.

    Till then bask in the love & glory of mother nature ♥️
    Monika Ohson recently posted…‘Nest’-flixMy Profile

  4. HELLO my sweetie pie!!! You are such a sweetie too!!! How are you? Are you still traveling? Oh my goodness, I wish I was a little bird so I could sit on your shoulder & see everything you do! I hope you’re being extra careful. Things have gone crazy in the world 🙁 . The biggest thing I’m sad about is my children, grand children & yes I have a great grandchild too as of this past January. We all started young I guess. Anyway, on the news yesterday they said that the lady that predicted 9/11 now predicts that a atom bomb will go off in the U.S. I am truly scared! Ohhhhh not for me, but for all my babies!!! I lost one child/daughter to crib death/that’s when they stop breathing for no apparent reason & it still breaks my heart & that was in 1977 that she died. I cannot take another of mine passing! Plus who knows how much that bomb will wipe out! All my relatives & friends… so sad! Why can’t people just get along…. you know, like me & you! Anyway, luv ya my darlin’ and you & yours be very safe. Be aware of your surroundings please! Sending you HUGE PROTECTING HUG!!! TAKE CARE CUZ I CARE!!!!! MORE HUGS!!!!!
    Marie Moody recently posted…HAPPY TUESDAY!My Profile

  5. We love birdies and your daughter did a great job with the camera to bring them in The little Squirrel has such a lovely face, we are in Aww here, Natasha 🙂 Now have fun with your Animal communication class, we’re sure you’ll be a good reader 🙂 Double Pawkisses for a Happy Week ahead from us and Granny to you ♥♥♥
    Angel Binky, Stippie, Peachy and Granny recently posted…Keep on smilingMy Profile

  6. Such a glorious array of wildlife and beautiful, colorful, birds!! Extraordinary series!
    Thanks for taking time to link in with us at IRBB

  7. Firstly congratulations must go to your daughter for capturing these beautiful images. Apart from the peacock, all of the birds are new to me, and our squirrels look decidedly different from yours! I’m really looking forward to part two, Natasha.
    Keith’s Ramblings recently posted…A quick half-dozen…My Profile

  8. Natasha,

    It’s interesting to see wildlife in other parts of the world. The Indian Robin is much darker than the North American Robin. The Indian Palm Squirrel is cute. The markings on its busy tail are different from our neighborhood squirrels. The Sunbird is a sweet little thing and how lucky you saw the Easter Bunny. Do the children of India know of this tradition? You did an amazing job capturing all of these photos and your song pick is a purrfect fit! Thanks for joining the 4M party, my dear. Have a boogietastic day!
    Cathy Kennedy recently posted…Maine Vacation 2022, Part 17My Profile

    1. Yes, yes the children here not just know of Easter they love it; and it is celebrated across the country.
      We are quite a multicultural county you see and we celebrate different festivals from different religions with as much fervour and joy.
      We are a melting pot of cultures and traditions and that makes me so proud.

  9. Hello ,
    Gorgeous birds and I loved all the photos. Well done! Phil Collins is a favorite of mine, great song. Take care and have a great day!

  10. Lovely blog and beautiful shots. Phil Collins song is ironic, as it was written in the shadow of the crises when all old people were being left alone to fend for themselves.. post this crisis i think the elder home and support group concept came up in the west. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you so much. Grateful for your visit and your words too. It’s wonderful to be reminded of the premise behind this very beautiful song.
      Good day!

  11. The birds universe is amazing. Thank you for this post, Natasha.
    I know so little about this subject, almost nothing! 🙂
    I introduced it in the table.
    Happy WW, dear friend. Love, light and joy! ❤️

  12. Such beautiful photography and I love all the critters. They are so precious.

    I would have loved to stroll with you while you took these shots.

    Have a fabulous day and rest of the week, Natasha. Love and hugs, my friend. ♥
    Sandee recently posted…Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

  13. Great photos. To me it is cool to see some animals that look just like their counterparts over here, like the hare and squirrel, and then seeing things like the peacock and the parakeets that are so different than nay bird around here!

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