#ThursdayTreeLove 13: Home is Where the Heart Is

  When the country roads took me home, Ms. Amaltas came calling into my heart.         The house in the backdrop used to be my home when I was all of 7. It now stands partly camouflaged by the my old friend, Ms. Amaltas who has grown into a stunning beauty, ever since. On a … Continue reading #ThursdayTreeLove 13: Home is Where the Heart Is


#ThursdayTreeLove 12: Different Strokes

  "Trees are the poems that the earth writes upon the sky." - Khalil Gibran         This august Pine tree was our four-day companion on a recent trip to the mountains. It stood tall, towering between the mountains; a few yards away from our cottage, beguiling us with its bushy needles that looked like … Continue reading #ThursdayTreeLove 12: Different Strokes

Keeping that Happiness Intact : #MondayMusings #mg #HighlightsofHappy

I haven't written since last Thursday. For some reason weekends snow ball into a busy time, and though I did try sitting down to write last evening, I drew simple blanks. So this morning after much thought and deliberation which also included exploring writing prompts, I chose to write yet again on happiness. I recently wrote … Continue reading Keeping that Happiness Intact : #MondayMusings #mg #HighlightsofHappy

#ThursdayTreeLove 11: Morning Mysticism of a Mountain Tree

It's our last morning at Dhanachuli, a quiet little hamlet in the Himalayas. It's a Thursday morning too. A day when we share our Tree Love. As I walk past the apple, pear and walnut trees, I look at them quizzically and wonder whether to feature them in my today's post. I take some random … Continue reading #ThursdayTreeLove 11: Morning Mysticism of a Mountain Tree

A Tryst With the Clouds and the Rolling Hills

Te Aroha, Dhanachuli, Uttarakhand, India Dhanachuli is a tiny little hamlet tucked in the Uttrakhand mountains and an hour and half drive away from Bhimtal. This is where we are currently cooling out heels and toasting ourselves in the morning sun.  This little paradise amidst a bountiful of nature that includes towering pine trees; their … Continue reading A Tryst With the Clouds and the Rolling Hills

#MondayMusings:Way Back into Time 

We set out for a road trip yesterday, a rainy May morning. The rains were a pleasant respite from the sweltering summer, and they made our journey an intensely happy one.  I was excited as hell as we were making a pit stop to my birth place, Pantnagar before heading out to the cool climes … Continue reading #MondayMusings:Way Back into Time 

#ThursdayTreeLove: Pristine & Gracious 

"God writes the Gospel not in the Bible alone, but also on trees, and in the flowers, and clouds and stars." - Martin Luther King On a mid-monsoon morning, the wispy clouds powdered across the sky, draw out designs of divinity over the glimmering river Kali. The gracious trees bow and behold the sight in … Continue reading #ThursdayTreeLove: Pristine & Gracious 

#MondayMusings: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Read : Girls Must Have Fun! Early this month I took a trip to Goa with my bestie. She has a little Enid Blytonish pad, beautifully furnished with immaculate whites, where we spent three dreamy days. It was my first girlie trip. Having heard so much about all the fun girls have when they go … Continue reading #MondayMusings: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

#ThursdayTreeLove: Standing Tall, Arm in Arm

It's balmy sunset at Thalassa, the Greek Resturant that lies ensconced on top of a cliff, at the Vagator beach in Goa. As the sun peers through the cloudy sky; the wisps of cobalt yellow rays or are they pixie dust, tumble into the evening sea that placidly shimmers in a magical glory.