Star-Struck: #WanderlustWednesday

  I have been star-struck for as long as I can remember. No, not by the famous people, or fame itself; but by the celestial objects of the universe. I have had a fascination for sky watching; especially the morning and evening/night sky in the best of their splendour. As a kid I would spend [...]

Beliefs Versus Reality: #MondayMusing

  I’m a a firm believer of the fact that what you put out to the universe becomes your reality. In simple words, your beliefs and thoughts have the power of manifesting as your reality.   I gathered this wisdom over two and half decades back, when I read Paulo Coelho’s, Alchemist. He made this [...]

The Connection : #FridayFictioneers

      For Ron, it's a challenge to make ends meet, so a personal phone is totally out of question. His girl friend, Anna lives in Johor Bharu, while he lives in Singapore. At 7, every day evening, Ron goes to the nearest MRT station to call her. A time they both look forward [...]


Journeys of Life: #WanderlustWednesday

  Writing fuels my passion for life. So does travelling, that fills me with much ardour and love for this beautiful life. It makes my journeys of life exciting and replete with adventure. It is with this purpose I chose to start this series of blog posts every Wednesday, called Wanderlust Wednesday. Today's post is a contemplative [...]


#MondayMusings: The Big C

I have procrastinated writing about the Big C for way too long.  The big C that eats into the human body, soul and mind, slowly rendering the person physically and emotionally handicapped. My intention was not to brush it under the carpet. I was just kind of clueless on what to say and what would [...]

Rendezvous: #FridayFictioneers

      10:22 A.M.: Aamir sits at the wheel; brash and oozing confidence. Though in his late twenties, he sports a salt and pepper stubble. His crooked nose stands out amidst his Greek-God like jaw line.  Aamir peers out of the windscreen and then glances at his Rolex watch. Eight more minutes to go. [...]

A Getaway to Creative Wonderland: #WanderlustWednesday

  It's a cloudy Sunday morning. But the sun, though hiding behind the rain pregnant clouds, steals in a shower of golden glow upon me- or is it a creative glow?  I'm blissfully unaware of the fact that this will be an eventful day; packed in a mean, scintillating punch.   The morning starts with our [...]

Of Movies and National Anthem

Last Saturday we went out on a cosy family date to the cinemas. Spider-Man: Homecoming released just a day before and we had already read and heard rave reviews. It had been a while since we had done a movie together as a family. The 9-year-old, doesn't enjoy movies too much, especially in the theatres. The 19-year-old is [...]

The Call of the Wind: #BarAThon

2006, Metro Manila, The Philippines   Typhoon Milenyo has struck the Philippines, bringing with it strong winds and rains. We recently relocated to Manila, and have never in the past witnessed the fury of a typhoon that lashes out with such vengeance. The call of the wind, that packs an average speed of 185 kilometres per hour, has [...]

#ThursdayTreeLove 15: Towering Treasures

        These palms are ancient, and as beautiful as can be. They are lined across the drive-way of the Vice-Chancellor's abode in Pantnagar University. When the sun sets across the horizon, they seem to gleefully spread their stunning fronds and bid it a joyous adieu; till they meet again next morning. A [...]