Can we let Sridevi RIP. Please, please!! #MondayMusings

It was a lazy Sunday. Lazy, as I skipped my cycling plans; an activity that gives my day a very lively kick-start. But then I was also happy to be able to sleep in that extra bit. I slept tad late on Saturday night as I was trying to catch up on some blogs. I was … Continue reading Can we let Sridevi RIP. Please, please!! #MondayMusings

Why You Should Choose A Fitness Regime that You Enjoy: #SuperBloggerChallenge2018

    After many years of being passionate about fitness, I have come to one over-arching conclusion: Follow a fitness regime that you enjoy. Not that which is in vogue, or that which your friends are doing, or the one that helps you burn maximum calories. After all fitness is not a short-term journey. It's … Continue reading Why You Should Choose A Fitness Regime that You Enjoy: #SuperBloggerChallenge2018


An Epic Week Gone By:#MondayMusings

Last week was epic! It was a "heroic" week, so to speak. Grand and monumental in scale. A week that came with lot of unique experiences and also one that threw plenty of curve balls my way. I guess in totality the "good" and the "ugly" managed to balance each other pretty well, even though … Continue reading An Epic Week Gone By:#MondayMusings

Celebrating Ma; My Shakti, My Warrior Queen: #MondayMusings

Celebrating Ma;  My Shakti, My Warrior Queen as you would have guessed is a sequel to this blog post from last week. It was written when my family and I were going through a truly testing time, amidst which; by God's grace, we were holding our ground and staying optimistic. It wasn't easy to stay that way, … Continue reading Celebrating Ma; My Shakti, My Warrior Queen: #MondayMusings

Ma: My Shakti, My Warrior Queen

This nebulous February afternoon, I realise my post “When the Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going”   was written with a divine purpose. Everything in life is synchronous. I do not believe in coincidences. That post probably spilled out of my being, so that it could be a reminder that was the only way to … Continue reading Ma: My Shakti, My Warrior Queen


Weekend Gratitude: #MondayMusings

It's been a whirlwind couple of months, and the year has started on a bit of an unravelling note as  all of you who follow my blog will know. But then what about those countless blessings that pepper my life with the confetti of joy? How could I forget those and not list them out. … Continue reading Weekend Gratitude: #MondayMusings


Redemption: #FridayFictioneers

Ed and Jane had put all their life savings in erecting their two storey home. When typhoon  Katrina lashed their city,  their warm, cosy hearth was reduced to a dilapidated structure. The kids refused to live their anymore. They said it reminded them of that fateful day. But there was more to it than meets … Continue reading Redemption: #FridayFictioneers


Wheels of Time: #FridayFictioneers

I have been off the loop for a while, yes. Multiple things occupying my mind space. I'm not planing to quit blogging! Heck no. 🙂 That's what keeps my sanity intact, you see. A few things need my attention more at this point of time, therefore the dwindling posts. Though I wrote Friday Fictioneers on … Continue reading Wheels of Time: #FridayFictioneers


When the Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going:#MondayMusings

"When the going gets tough, the tough get going." - Joseph P. Kennedy (1888-1969) These beautiful lines by Joseph P. Kennedy, Father of U.S. President John F.Kennedy, has been my mantra for life, for the longest I can even remember. Probably way back when I was in school. This quote speaks volumes, in such less … Continue reading When the Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going:#MondayMusings


Nurturing: #MondayMusings #WOTY

My #MondayMusings is late by a few days, but I'm traveling and I'm trying my best to be as "nurturing" as can be. After all that's the Word of the Year #WOTY for me.  The amazing, Corinne of Write Tribe suggested we all have a Word of the Year, and I thought it was a  brilliant idea. … Continue reading Nurturing: #MondayMusings #WOTY