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Nurturing: #MondayMusings #WOTY

My #MondayMusings is late by a few days, but I’m traveling and I’m trying my best to be as “nurturing” as can be. After all that’s the Word of the Year #WOTY for me.  The amazing, Corinne of Write Tribe suggested we all have a Word of the Year, and I thought it was a  brilliant idea.… Read More Nurturing: #MondayMusings #WOTY


Taking a Writing Break: #MondayMusings

I started blogging in December last year and ever since there’s been no looking back. Read: I have not taken a single writing break. I write religiously if not every day, but every other day. After all writing like I’ve said in the past, has proved to be the “elixir to my parched soul.”


My Precious Treasure: #WriteTribe #WritingBravely

    The most precious treasure I believe I have been bestowed upon with is “life” itself. Without this life I would not have the innumerable treasures that form a part of my life. It’s my birthday month and what better time to give gratitude for this beautiful treasure of life that I received from… Read More My Precious Treasure: #WriteTribe #WritingBravely

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A Getaway to Creative Wonderland: #WanderlustWednesday

  It’s a cloudy Sunday morning. But the sun, though hiding behind the rain pregnant clouds, steals in a shower of golden glow upon me- or is it a creative glow?  I’m blissfully unaware of the fact that this will be an eventful day; packed in a mean, scintillating punch.  

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#TeaserTuesday 2 : This is the Story of a Happy Marriage – Ann Patchett

#teasertuesday 2  Ann Patchett’s books were recommended by a writer friend, Kiran who runs a writing community called Write & Beyond. I had already heard of the author but never considered reading her works. Though Kiran had suggested I read Ann Patchett’s Commonwealth, but as I was browsing through my Kindle I found this title… Read More #TeaserTuesday 2 : This is the Story of a Happy Marriage – Ann Patchett

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What’s Love Got To Do With It? #ThankfulThursdays

whats love got to do with it? It’s yet again that incredible time of the year when people don’t mind thriving on love and fresh air. It’s that time of the year when Archies and Hallmark greeting cards, flowers, and all things romantic are making their way into the stores, and people’s hearts. Florists, gift… Read More What’s Love Got To Do With It? #ThankfulThursdays

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#FridayFotoFiction: Valuable?

#fridayfotofcition: #week 11 Valuable?     Grandpa gifted the typewriter to her on her 40th. He was an acclaimed author of 11 books. On plants and diseases, on the Green Revolution that had taken the country by storm in the early 60s. He had stayed awake many moons, painstakingly typing all the research and work.… Read More #FridayFotoFiction: Valuable?

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Ambrosia : Amrita

On a warm, sunny Monday morning, a bunch of writers came together to discuss writing styles and be taught pointers on good and effective writing from published authors and also participate in an interesting writing prompt. The Write & Beyond group run by the lovely Kiran Chaturvedi is doing a fantastic job of mentoring upcoming… Read More Ambrosia : Amrita

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10 Day “You” Challenge: 6 Places

  #allaboutme #blogchallenge 6 Places   Any place by the Sea or Ocean or a place surrounded by nature, water bodies, flora and fauna Bombay: Have a certain connect with this city which has so much character, hope, feelings and life. Though I have never lived here. Home: Our terrace with the garden chairs and… Read More 10 Day “You” Challenge: 6 Places

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10 Day ‘You’ Challenge : 7 Wants

  #ALLABOUTME #BLOGCHALLENGE 7 WANTS Travel the world and explore fascinating places and have memorable adventures while doing so. On my bucket list are to visit the Northern Lights, the Amazon forests, Spain, Galapagos islands, Arusha in Tanzania, Leh-Ladakh to name just a few. To be a certified Scuba diver and to get innumerable opportunities… Read More 10 Day ‘You’ Challenge : 7 Wants