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Enchanted Forest: #WordlessWednesday

“And into the forest I go, to lose my mind, and find my soul.”

John Muir

Morning glory


wordless-wednesday-natasha-musing-enchanted-forest-sunrise trees
Here comes the sun


Just looking at you kid! A Sambar deer


Chota Munna, the King of Kanha. Did you spot him already?


Chota Munna, unwinding in his private pool


Doe a Deer?


A jungle that lights up your soul and sparks joy


enchanted forest

Enamoured by the enchanted forests of Kanha, in Central India; that I  had the privilege of visiting last week with mi familia, I share with you some vignettes. This is my come back post for your favourite #WordlessWednesday prompt. In case you are wondering, we were on a short break.

I do hope this enchanted forest sparks as much joy for you, as it did for me. I consider myself truly blessed to be able to witness the enchanted forests of Kanha, up close and personal; in a riveting spectacle of sorts. These shots may not be picture perfect, but the moments were that and much more. To witness the jungle and its inhabitants in their nonchalant, unbridled glory was a one-of-its-kind precious experience that I shall always hold close to my heart.

Sher Khan or? If you have already spotted that guy with those stunning stripes, well, Chota Munna is quite the lord of the Kanha jungles and moves around leisurely, unruffled by the visitors and safari jeeps. He lay sprawled by the water body, unwinding on that hot summer morning. Chota Munna remained totally undeterred by all the attention, and kept shooing the flies away with his stout tail. He had no intentions of shooing us away. So it may have seemed. 

The rest of the inhabitants of this surreal landscape; be it the spotted deer, or the sambar deer, or the little barking deer, the jungle fowls, the preening peacocks, the gentle giant – the Indian bison, the jackals, the troops of forest sentinels – langurs and plenty of others, including some really unique star birds; made for a delightful safari. 

I have some befitting stories to narrate from this blissful forest experience, which I intend to in the coming weeks. So watch out for this space. There is a very intriguing leopard story too. Yes, hold your horses, I shall spill the beans soon. 🙂


Just so that you know: Rudyard Kipling wrote the famous Jungle Book, based on these forests of Central India. And believe it or not, he had never himself visited these forests, ever!





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27 thoughts on “Enchanted Forest: #WordlessWednesday

  1. Loved the pictures and more the vibes from these jungle photos. Having been to a few national parks and not being able to see a tiger is a joy too 😛
    I love the jungle so much that I find it hard to check my loyalties – The mountains or the jungle? 🙂

  2. So glad you’re back ! The forest is truly enchanting . I MUST go there now.my grandchildren loved the story of Mowgli. I will take them along with me . Did you go on a conducted tour ? How long did you visit for ? Is it child friendly? Sorry to bug you on this but I find it easier to plan trips after feedback from real people who visit rather than reviews on Travel sites

    1. Thank you dear Sunita.
      Yes, you must visit the Central Highlands. The forests are truly breathtaking there.

      I did not go on a conducted tour.
      The company I curate content for, Pugdundee Safaris has 5 luxury lodges in Central India. They work very closely with wildlife, conservation and sustainability.
      We were visiting one of their lodges. This was in Kanha at the Kanha Earth Lodge, a stunning property in the forest fringes with the most divine cuisine, and service one could ask for.

      Very, very child friendly. We were there for 3 nights, four days and went for two safaris.

      Let’s talk about this offline. Will share all the details.

  3. Absolutely amazing pictures. Showed them to my husband, who loved “The Jungle Book” as a child (believe it or not, I’ve never read it.)

  4. Loved reading this nature post, Natasha. What gorgeous clicks have you shred here! My favorite is the morning sun one. It is breathtaking! 🙂 Glad to see WW back after a break. <3

  5. Lovely pictures of what must have been an awesome trip. Although I’ve visited India several times, I’ve never gone ‘off road’! A year or so ago I did a safari in South Africa and it’s inspired me to see more in other places. I’ll be back to Wordless Wednesday next week.

    1. Dear Keith,

      Hope you come back to India someday for this immersive forest experience. Promise you won’t regret it. A one-of-its-kind!
      Look forward to having you back next week, for this brand new season of #WW.

      Have a relaxed week post the break neck scramble of A-Z. 🙂

  6. I love every picture that has animals in it, and forests too, so yes, I loved all the pics you shared, Natasha. How lucky you are, you witnessed nature at its best!
    Loved Chhota Munna 🙂

    1. Yes, Chota Munna was adorable, with not a care in the world, swatting away the flies and basking in his regal glory.
      Yes, this was a one-of-its-kind experience, that I shall always cherish and will look forward to many of these in the future.
      Thanks dear Shilpa

  7. I love the morning sun photos the most and also the last one. I wonder what so ever went in the mind of that someone who named the majestic animal ‘Chota Munna’ as if ‘Munna’ wasn’t enough to mean ‘chota’ in itself 😀
    It had been a nice refreshing break during April and I am all set to join Wordless Wednesdays every week to air out the photos contained in my phone gallery 🙂

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