Doggy Tales

Yes, these gorgeous four-legged furry creatures have been my highlight for the week that a brand new 2017 brought. Actually, a few months before the Year 2016 ended, a beautiful stray puppy was born in our condominium. She became the apple of most people's eye. The kids always vied for her attention as much as [...]

#FridayFotoFiction: Arrive

  #FridayFotoFiction Arrive The Winter chills were yet to arrive, as Autumn had long extended it's stay. Long walks with Layika, as the weather romanticised with all and sundry, formed an integral part of her morning ritual. Today the alarm didn't go off. She had scrambled out of bed, quickly changed and rushed out with Lyaika on the leash, [...]

10 Day ‘You’ Challenge : 7 Wants

  #ALLABOUTME #BLOGCHALLENGE 7 WANTS Travel the world and explore fascinating places and have memorable adventures while doing so. On my bucket list are to visit the Northern Lights, the Amazon forests, Spain, Galapagos islands, Arusha in Tanzania, Leh-Ladakh to name just a few. To be a certified Scuba diver and to get innumerable opportunities [...]

10 Day “You” Challenge: 8 Fears

#AllABOUTME #BLOGCHALLENGE 8 FEARS I am the kind of person who prefers to look at her fears squarely and face them headlong. I believe fears are a figment of our imagination. When we give them too much importance they turn larger than life and stick their ugly head out. Yet that been said, we are all [...]


#Allaboutme #blogchallenge 9 loves My Human and Dog Families and Friends Sunshine on my shoulder on a toasty winter morning. Cycling on early, nippy autumn and spring mornings into the verdant green and becoming one with the rising sun. Weaving together a medley of words that make for a fascinating read. Catharsis to the soul. [...]

Wordy Wednesday # 1

This Week: Word Prompts Aspire Always Anyway Arrive Use any one or two or all the prompts in your posts. Write a minimum of 100 words on the prompt. I aspire for a world minus bloodshed and suffering. I aspire to live a humble life wherein I continue to write each day. A life that [...]

10 Day ‘You’ Challenge: 10 Secrets

                                                 10 SecreTs My sweet cravings and food lust are the biggest debacle to my fitness plans. So when it comes to losing those extra inches, I end up faltering despite making unending [...]

Let’s Get It Started

2017 arrived without much ado and fanfare. We brought in a quiet New Year eve, in the cosy confines of our home. while the girls were away. Yes, all primed up, savouring some incredible Lamb Roast, Lebanese bread and salads while sipping on our glasses of cheer. New Year's day breakfast was Nihari and bread. The [...]

So Long, Farewell, Adieu

The curtains are drawing close to 2016. It has been a year of profound learnings, huge upheavals, surprises that were wonderful and not so wonderful, new beginnings, new journeys; all foisted together into a bunch memories. I'm carrying forward all those things that made me stronger, better and left me with a positive after taste. [...]

When in God’s Own Country: Part 2

Kerela was proving to be more mystical, more magical than anticipated. We were enamoured by the riot of colours, the lush, verdant nature, the innumerable species of birds and insects, and the fresh crispy air that we inhaled. The DH and I love waking up early even on vacations. We feel the beauty of these [...]