5 Ways I Beat the Blues: #MondayMusings #MondayMotivation

5 Ways I Beat the Blues: #MondayMusings #MondayMotivation

I was hoping I would be done and dusted with the challenges of the 2018. But who said 2019 would come with a guarantee card, of an easier life. I really wish I could write a more optimistic post, and not start the first line by ranting. But such is life at times.

I’m not giving up hope while life challenges me,  and I continue to look it up squarely in the eye and say, “Try me!” And here are a few things I am doing to keep my sanity intact, and my anxieties at bay.

I’m also abundantly grateful for all that I have, and not focussed on what I don’t.

Five ways I beat those blues away:

1. Music: If music be the fodder for calm, play on. Click To Tweet

Forgive me for improvising this quote, but music can elevate my soul in an all exclusive way. It fills me with a sense of wonder . And when our living zone is filled  with various musical renditions, or when I plug in my phone to my favourite playlist, my heart leaps with unparalleled joy.


So grateful for the soulful, old Hindi music and some new ones too (lately Gully Boy. For the first time I seem to be enjoying rap. Guess it has to do with the brilliant cinematography and scripting.) Grateful for Queen- Freddie Mercury, Andrea Bocelli, Pavarotti, Lenon, Dan Hill and many others who I don’t name here.

Yesterday I discovered the sound track of A Star is Born. The DH and I played it on a loop. Loved this soul-quenching, lyrical rendition by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. Didn’t realise these guys were so talented.

2. Decluttering: 

When I declutter my home, I also declutter my soul. Click To Tweet

Last evening my best buddy (my DH) and I decluttered our bookshelves. We decided to give some books to the local library and keep the rest. In case you want to get a few books in good condition, you know who to reach out to.  I’m glad I found a few books, that I will be going back to again this year, and a few which have been in my “to be read” list. The shelf now looks radiant and inviting.

3. Creativity:

Writing- The best thing I love doing when I am anxious is pouring my soul into a paper, or my blog. I have done very less of the former lately, but I do hope to now on.

Art – Making art also calms my being like no other. I always get inspired by my 10 year-old who regularly indulges in art-craft and creative cooking. Last week I attempted to recreate some art, with an unsteady hand. I hope to be more regular, now on.

Cooking – An activity I enjoy doing once in a while, being a die-hard foodie. I’m parking my Thursdays as cooking days now, and on weekends if I am upto it. Got to do that carrot cake, once before the red carrots go disappearing.

4. Nature :

Nature is my first love. And being one with nature picks me up like no other. As spring bedazzles it’s riot of colours upon us, it is the perfect time to be outdoors. I consciously try to step out to inhale a fresh doze of O2. The days I am feeling tad overwhelmed, hugging a tree lends a magical solace. I’m also working on cultivating green fingers, by nurturing the plants in our terrace and balconies, and the indoor ones too.


My friend Sridhar Ramakrishnan always emphasises on the therapeutic benefits of connecting with Mother Nature by walking on the grass, and gardening, where we use our hands to ground our selves with the earth.

5. Exercise, Prayer and Meditation: This quotient has been patchy in my agenda of life, but  I’m working on bringing it back as a ritual every day. I do chant regularly, except weekends where I get lazy and take a sabbatical of sorts. I’m working on building a meditation, prayer and exercise routine, without derailing.


I wrote this post to inspire myself as I get back on track. Anxieties of the mid-40s and the seasonal blues can go take a walk, while I elevate myself by imprinting these five life lessons in my daily schedule.

What do you do differently to uplift yourself? How do you beat those blues away, or do you give them a sweet send off? 🙂 Would love to hear your thoughts. Pour them out please. 



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23 thoughts on “5 Ways I Beat the Blues: #MondayMusings #MondayMotivation

  1. Oh I agree with you – mine is music, reading, writing, decluttering, the beach {aka nature}, exercising and yoga. Lately my stress got the better of me and I put it down to not being able to write freely on the blog, not going to yoga and not being able to go to the beach because of rain.

    I hope things start looking better for you…sending hugs and good vibes!

    1. I know what you mean, Sanch. I also got sucked in that vortex, but bobbing back to life now. 🙂

      Thanks so very much. Love and happy vibes for you too.

  2. Just the feel-good post to start my day with, Natasha! I am nodding to all that you’ve said and I can say you’re doing marvellously, keeping your chin up, thinking positive, listening to music, doodling, writing and spreading so much happiness and love through all that you do for your loved ones and yourself!

    Have a beautiful Morning, my friend! Wishing you an amazing rest of the week. May you be able to banish the blues away for good and continue creating magic with your words as you always do.

    Much love, hugs and plenty of positive vibes for the coming days!

  3. Make more art! And hug more trees! I’ve started morning pages again, and those are like my daily dose of active meditation. That, and art <— it’s meditative and therapeutic and healing for me! And let’s catch up after Holi?

  4. I haven’t done much decluttering but I can definitely vouch for others. They all work wonderfully to beat the blues. In addition, watching comedy movies or shows work for me too. Laughter is the best medicine as they say. Feel better soon. Love and hugs!!

    1. Yes, a good TV show sure is a pick me up, though I don’t do that often, I guess I should. Love comedy too myself. 🙂 Thanks so much dear Raj. <3

  5. Exercise, cooking, gardening, listening to music and singing at the top of my voice, reading, quietly meditating, playing with Coco are all the things that lift my mood instantly. Writing too and especially the interaction which comes when I share something is also relaxing.

  6. Exercise and music rejuvenates me. Thank you for writing this… Hope you are back with a bang with soul stirring posts❤️

    1. What a nourishing list you got there, Natasha! I completely agree. All the activities you listed above will help in beating those blues. I love to write or color or doodle. Reading also helps a great deal. Of course , watching some favorite TV shows is another activity that helps me to keep the negative thoughts away. Yoga, working out at the gym or going for a walk also helps. I also like to singalong to my favorite tunes and learn the lyrics so I could torture my family.

  7. That’s like you to kick out the negatives and focus on the positives. Well mid-40s or mid-30s the rants of life more or less remain the same. But the show must go on. Starting my Tuesday on this positive note.

  8. I so so needed to read this today. Exercise works best of all for me. A good 45 minute walk combining nature and exercise, and I find my anxieties being driven away. Music too, though a lot of it is driven by the children these days, unless I’m on that walk :-). Oh and writing too, not necessarily on the blog. Sometimes just writing down my rants make them seem manageable.

    1. Yes, I have to start finding the time and space to write out my rants and get rid of them. Else they get toxic bottled up.
      Nature and exercise are the perfect adrenaline boost. I love getting on to that course too, Tulika. Thanks for sharing your tips. 🙂

  9. As stress relief, you can’t go wrong with music. Always my choice, as well. 🙂 Your other options are good too. Communing with nature offers a serenity like no other. May your life be filled with peace and joy from now on, Natasha! ♥ You’ve certainly had a rough go of things.

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