#WriteBravely, WriteTribeFestivalOfWords#6

Thank You, Babi: #WriteBravely

Thank You, Babi: #WRITEBRAVELY #WRITETRIBEFESTIVALOFWORDSJUNE2018   My Dearest Babi, I dedicate a few lines to you, on this monsoon day. The sun is playing a constant game of hide and seek, while the clouds outstretch their arms in a stoic cover of grey. The muggy air looks on undeterred as nature performs a spectacle of sorts.… Read More Thank You, Babi: #WriteBravely

#Write&Beyond, WriteTribeFestivalOfWords#6

Six Days Hence, Coffee in the Present Tense: #WriteBravely #WriteTribe

~~Six Days hence, Coffee in the Present Tense~~     Six days hence You & I Will Simply Sense   That time And tide Just make No sense   Coz the Coffee We share In the Present tense Is all That makes sense   Coz Six days hence And Coffee in the Present Tense Are… Read More Six Days Hence, Coffee in the Present Tense: #WriteBravely #WriteTribe

#Write&Beyond, WriteTribeFestivalOfWords#6

Dipankar Mukherjee, on Publishing: #WriteBravely #WriteTribe

  “Literature can make people introspect, and that has the magic to change our attitude and hence our lives. That is the power of the written word.” – Dipankar Mukherjee, Publisher & Founder, Redomania    

#Write&Beyond, WriteTribeFestivalOfWords#6

Dear Natasha: #WritingBravely #WriteTribe

Hola! My darling Girl Natasha, How be you? Yes, it’s me writing a letter to you, my dear girl. Surprised, are you? After all I haven’t written to you in the longest time. A few years back; in my most challenging times, I would sit down and pour my heart out to you on a… Read More Dear Natasha: #WritingBravely #WriteTribe

#Write&Beyond, WriteTribeFestivalOfWords#6

Tina’s Tryst: #WriteBravely #WriteTribe

  The alarm clock clanked into Tina’s ear. A typical old-fashioned alarm clock that would wake one up with a jolt. A complete spoiler to the early morning dreams and the soundest of all sleep. Tina wanted to yank the clock on the floor and go back to sleep, but like they say, “No rest… Read More Tina’s Tryst: #WriteBravely #WriteTribe

#Write&Beyond, Musings, WriteTribeFestivalOfWords#6

Utopia: # WriteBravely #WriteTribe

  “A map of the world that does not include Utopia is not worth even glancing at.” – Oscar Wilde (‘The Soul of Man Under Socialism’, 1981 essay).     My Ode to Utopia   There’s a place called Utopia Replete with joy, minus any pain and untold fear   Every day is a celebration In this… Read More Utopia: # WriteBravely #WriteTribe

#Write&Beyond, WriteTribeFestivalOfWords#6

My Greatest Resource & My Support System: #WriteBravely #WriteTribe

  My greatest resource and support system are my three, ever smiling home-helps, Shimpa (we call her Shilpa), Moushumi and Basanti. They are my lifelines, in the true sense of the word. They are the reason my home runs smoothly, efficiently and everything runs on clock work basis. This post is my little humble tribute to these… Read More My Greatest Resource & My Support System: #WriteBravely #WriteTribe


My Precious Treasure: #WriteTribe #WritingBravely

    The most precious treasure I believe I have been bestowed upon with is “life” itself. Without this life I would not have the innumerable treasures that form a part of my life. It’s my birthday month and what better time to give gratitude for this beautiful treasure of life that I received from… Read More My Precious Treasure: #WriteTribe #WritingBravely